Augustus Aquato is Razputin's father and the lead acrobat of the circus that Raz grew up in. Armin Shimerman voices him.

Background Edit

When his son started showing signs of psychic powers, Augustus insisted that Razputin practice advanced acrobatics near-constantly in an attempt to help teach him how to control his developing powers. Secretly a psychic himself, Augustus wanted to keep his son as safe as possible and knew that life as a psychic could be dangerous, especially since their circus rivals, the psychic Galochio family, cursed the Aquatos to always die in water; unfortunately, his poor communication skills led Raz to believe he hated him for being psychic and wanted him dead.

Psychonauts Edit

“You're no son of mine!” — Raz's mental image of Augustus

One of Whispering Rock's camp counselors, the professional Psychonaut Milla Vodello, calls Augustus to let him know that his son Raz is at the camp and needs to be picked up. He spends most of the game traveling to Whispering Rock. When he finally arrives, he discovers that his son's brain has been removed from his body and has been psychically combined with the brain of Coach Oleander. He attempts to break through Raz's mental defenses, but they are far too strong to go down easily.

While his father tries to astral project into Raz's mind, the mental Raz finds himself in the Meat Circus, a gruesome combination of his memories of his family's circus and Coach Oleander's memories of his father's butcher shop. Soon enough, Raz is confronted with his mental image of Augustus: a blue, scarred, tattered madman who absolutely loathes psychics. The zombie Augustus forces Raz to use his acrobatic training to climb to the top of a circus tent while deadly water continually rises. During the battle, he mocks Raz as he throws flaming, spiky juggling clubs at him.

Luckily, the real Augustus at last manages to enter his son's mind and helps Raz to defeat the enormous Two-Headed Dad Monster with the power of their combined psychic ability. He is appalled at his son's perception of him and dismayed to realize that Raz has always been under the impression that his father hates all psychics, including him. Augustus is a quiet, gruff man, and had never explained to his son that he is psychic himself and only put Raz through such grueling training to help him control his powers. In truth, he cares very deeply for his son; he just had great difficulty communicating it.

Psychic AbilitiesEdit

  • Marksmanship: His PSI-Blast color is orange, just like Razputin's.
  • Psyche Combining: He transfers psychic energy around Raz, creating a colossal version of Raz.

Quotes Edit

  • "Is that really how I look in your mind?"
  • "I have a lot more hair than that!"

Trivia Edit

  • When entering a cheat code, the mental Augustus's voice can be heard saying "You cheated!"
  • Using Clairvoyance on the Zombie Augustus reveals that he views Raz as a miniature version of himself.
  • It's implied that Augustus went to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp before his son.
  • During the time Augustus is trying to astral project himself into Razputin's mind, he appears as a ghostly entity repeatedly calling out Razputin's name.

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