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If you ever want to make me appear, you can do it with this special device.

Ford Cruller upon giving Raz the bacon

"Ooo, is that honey pepper boar bacon?"

–Ford Cruller

Bacon is an item used to summon Ford Cruller. It is given to Raz by Ford Cruller for the purposes of contacting him while outside of Ford's Sanctuary.



After reaching Ford's Sanctuary and speaking to Ford Cruller, Raz receives the bacon from him. Ford tells Raz he's going to be a "psychic stowaway" in Raz's head, and then tells him that he can use the bacon to summon a projection of him.

Raz may then use the bacon anywhere outside of Ford's Sanctuary, which he does by holding it up to his ear, to summon Ford. Raz may ask Ford questions about the current level and receive his advice on enemies and the like. He may also ask Ford to teleport him back to Ford's Sanctuary, and then back to where he came from. Additionally, after purchasing the PSI Energy Colorizer at the Camp Store, Raz may ask Ford to change the color of his PSI Powers.

Psychonauts 2

In Psychonauts 2, Raz gets some Honey Pepper Boar Bacon from the Noodle Bowl in order to summon Ford to the Motherlobe.


  • If Raz equips the bacon while in Ford's Sanctuary, Ford will say "Now don't go pullin' that out while I'm physically near by, or I'm telling you I'm gonna eat it!"
  • Ford's Sanctuary is the only place where Raz may equip the bacon, as opposed to using it to contact Cruller.
  • There is an achievement in the Steam version of Psychonauts for using the bacon several times.
  • If Bacon is used next to one of Ford's "disguises" around Whispering Rock , Raz will ask Ford how he can be in two places at once.





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