Becky Houndstooth is a stage director in Gloria's Theater. She is trying (rather unsuccessfully) to keep the various plays running smoothly.

She is usually under extreme stress while at work, and therefore seems rude at first, but is actually a nice person overall. She wants nothing more than for the theater to be successful.


When Razputin enters Gloria Von Gouton's mind, he lands onto the middle of the stage and is instantly instructed to step away by Becky, who is at her wits' end because the theater's productions are failing horribly.

Along the course of the entire level, Raz must ask her to start up various plays so he can use the backgrounds to proceed, getting new plays until he reaches one that allows him to get up to the catwalks.


  • Becky, trying desperately to maintain order, represents Gloria's superego.
  • When Clairvoyance is used on her, she sees Raz as a clipboard with various scribbles on it.
  • When Raz uses Pyrokinesis on her, she thinks she's getting a hot flash due to a panic attack.
  • Becky apparently has a chiropractor, as is evident when Raz uses Telekinesis.