I made him his favorite chocolate cake, and he can't even come up here to enjoy it.

Sheegor, referring to Mr. Pokeylope

Birthday Cake is an item in Psychonauts. It is a pink slice of cake which Sheegor made for her pet turtle Mr. Pokeylope to enjoy.


The Birthday Cake can be found at the top floor of Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed, where Sheegor, Sasha Nein, Lili Zanotto, and Milla Vodello are being held. It is on a table with four teacups and a teapot. Sheegor says she made the cake for her pet turtle Mr. Pokeylope, as it is his favorite, but he is unable to eat it due to being held hostage by Dr. Loboto.

Raz must use the cake to lure Mr. Pokeylope under the opening of his habitat so he is able to rescue him using Telekinesis. After returning Mr. Pokeylope to Sheegor, the cake is removed from Raz's inventory.


  • Despite being called a "Birthday Cake", no comments are made regarding it being for a birthday.
  • Although the cake itself is pink, both Sheegor and Ford Cruller refer to it as chocolate cake.


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