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Black Velvetopia

"El Odio imprisons us all. Art is the only escape."


The heart card painting.

Black Velvetopia is Edgar Teglee's mental world. It serves as a level in Psychonauts.


It resembles a peaceful Spanish city, with fluorescent colors and black backgrounds, as if the whole world is a black velvet painting lit by black lights. The town is plagued by a colossal pink bull known as El Odio, who runs laps around the streets, threatening to trample anyone who stays on the road for too long and trapping many in side alleys.


Upon entering Edgar's mind, Razputin Aquato lands in a clearing where Edgar tries to build a stack of cards to reach Lampita Pasionado, a beautiful lady inside the sun on the top of the sky, and crying rose petals. The problem is that a gigantic pink bull called El Odio knocks his tower down time and time again. Raz states that Edgar is missing his queen cards and goes to search for them. Throughout the level, Raz encounters the Dog Painters who help Raz by selling him their paintings, which can come to life and allow him to reach new areas. Razputin has to make his way through the city and its sewers (which bear an uncanny resemblance to high school locker rooms -- black light bulbs can actually be seen on its ceiling), and every so often finds a portal that leads to a wrestling arena. In each one of these arenas, Razputin battles a large wrestler, four in all, each of whom guards one of Edgar's coveted queens. Along the way, he also meets Dingo Inflagrante, the best bullfighter in town, who wants an advertisement mural painted before he will fight El Odio. Dingo then gives Raz a Confusion power, which is required to beat the last wrestler and complete the set of queens, as well as to ensure that advertisement painting is complete.

After Raz gives Edgar all of his cards, he enters an arena and must fight El Odio. After weakening him, the matador Dingo Inflagrante appears and it is revealed that El Odio is actually a representation of Edgar and his obsessive hatred for people he knew in high school: Lana Panzoni and Dean LaGrante, represented by Lampita and Dingo respectively. Raz must now protect Edgar from the matador, at the same time defeating him, so that Edgar can be freed from his obsession.

After the battle, Edgar realizes it was foolish of him to have lingered so long on his past, and he is cured of his mental problems. He can later be found in the clearing where his card tower once stood, playing poker with the Dog Painters. El Odio is nowhere to be seen.

Points of Interest

  • Edgar's Sanctuary
  • The Streets
  • Underground Sewers
  • Luchador Arenas
  • Secret Garden
  • El Odio's Arena



Memory Vaults - 2 vaults

  • Edgar's Love - Located on the rooftop at the end of the alleyway past the second Dog Painter, which can only be reached by going through the sewers and opening the gate there with Telekinesis. Once in the alleway, use the vine painting to reach the garden rooftop.
  • Edgar's Lament - Located in the sewers, in the tunnel leading to the gate that requires Telekinesis to open.

Figments - 160 figments

Mental Cobwebs - 7 webs

  1. Use the guitar painting on the hook next to the Queen of Hearts. Climb up to reach this cobweb.
  2. After the Queen of Hearts, you'll reach the sewer. The cobweb is blocking one of it's hallways.
  3. In the sewers, follow the sidepath to find a web blocking the wall.
  4. After obtaining the Queen of Diamonds, return up to the ledge and follow it around to find a hook. Use the window painting to reach a new area, with the cobweb in the corner.
  5. Next to the fourth artist is a ladder, climb it to reach Dingo's apartment. This web is blocking the entrance.
  6. In the fireplace in Dingo's apartment.
  7. Go through the fireplace to reach the web at the end of the hallway.

Emotional Baggage

  • Purse
    • Bag: In the room where Edgar is building his card tower.
    • Tag: In the room where Edgar is working on the card tower, on a balcony. Use Levitation to reach it.
  • Dufflebag
    • Bag: Go through the side tunnel in the sewers to reach a second ladder. Climb it and use pyrokinesis on the vines to reveal the dufflebag.
    • Tag: Just before you reach the first Queen, jump on top of the fence and jump up to a balcony to the right to reach this tag.
  • Hatbox
    • Bag: Search around in Dingo's apartment to find the hatbox bag.
    • Tag: Next to the third painter is a rope. Climb the rope and follow the path around. You will find the hatbox tag next to a hook on the wall.
  • Steamer Trunk
    • Bag: In the first alley from the archway painting.
    • Tag: In the room where Edgar is working on his card tower, this tag is on a balcony. Use levitation to reach it.
  • Suitcase
    • Bag: Go through the fireplace in Dingo's apartment to reach a rope going across the alley. Walk across to find the suitcase.
    • Tag: In Dingo's apartment on his bed.


  • The style of this level is based on the artworks of painter Edgar Leeteg.
  • Most of Black Velvetopia can be entirely skipped by using the levitation glitch to reach the sky.
  • In a certain hidden corner of Black Velvetopia, the four Luchadores can be found gardening in a terrace.
  • This is one of two levels in which Razputin's appearance is altered to match the background (the second being PSI King's Sensorium).
  • Not completing Dingo Inflagrante's advertisement before the bull fight permanently prevents you from obtaining an astral layer upgrade.
  • If El Odio hits Bulldog before he finishes painting Dingo's advertisement, the advertisement will smudge and remain that way for the rest of the game.
  • In this mental world, when Raz uses Confusion on a Censor and there is no other Censor around for it to attack, the confused Censor wanders off to the road to get trampled by El Odio instead of hurting itself.
  • The street is divided into four areas: the Club area, the Heart area, the Diamond area and the Spade area.
  • Paintings are free after this mental world is completed.
  • Using the All Psi Powers cheat code will enable Raz to stun El Odio at any time, but the code re-sets after defeating each Luchador.
  • Two figments can only be found by placing window paintings in empty picture spots.
  • When you give Edgar the Queen of Hearts after fighting Dragon, he instead adds the Queen of Spades to his tower, and vice versa — the last card in the tower is the Queen of Hearts, not the Queen of Spades you've won from Cobra.
  • Raz cannot change the color of his levitation ball in this mental world.
  • The design of Black Velvetopia was inspired by the Pamplona bull run.
  • A common subject of the black velvet artstyle is dogs playing poker, which is why they feature in Edgar's mind as painters.