I heard a rumor that you were raised in the circus! Well, let me put this in terms you'll understand. I'm the strong man around here!

–Bobby to Raz

Robert "Bobby" Zilch is the camp bully at Whispering Rock. He is instantly recognizable by his enormous orange hairdo, his pale blue skin, and his atrocious dental hygiene.

He is voiced by Doug Giorgis.


Already at the beginning of the story, it becomes apparent Bobby is a jerk by the way he tries to frighten Dogen with his story about the lake monster.

Before reaching the Coach's class, Raz meets Maloof, who gives him the Smelling Salts, an item used to escape from mental realms. Bobby drops in on them (flanked by his henchman Benny) planning to beat up Maloof, but Raz stands up for him. Needless to say, Bobby does not appreciate this display of bravery. Later on near the parking lot, Bobby stops bullying Maloof only after an intimidating Mikhail threatens to horribly maim him.

In Basic Braining, when Raz and Bobby are stuck in front of a flame together, Bobby kicks his fellow camper off a platform, irritated by the entire exercise. He then proceeds to taunt him by doing an odd little victory dance. Later in the level, he tries to shoot Raz with the bunker gun, and then blocks his path on a rail, only to be simply punched off by Raz, who further gets back at him by taunting him with his own dance. After completing the lesson, Bobby gets into an argument with Razputin until Sasha Nein shows up, causing Bobby to leave, seemingly jealous that Raz will be receiving "advanced training." From this point on, he can be found telekinetically torturing fish by the docks with Benny and blocking the way to the Bathysphere. When Raz asks him about the Bathysphere, Bobby tells him that it is none of his business. If Raz tries to go around him and Benny, Bobby will shove him backwards.

In Milla's Dance Party, Bobby is the most skilled opponent in the levitation race. After exiting Milla's mind, Bobby can be found back on the docks where Raz can taunt him about winning the race. Later, Bobby finds Nils flirting with an uninterested Chloe and insults Nils's compliments to her. He then scares away Nils with a keen threat as Chloe watches. It is then revealed that Bobby has a big crush on Chloe, stuttering when asking how she is doing. Chloe tells him that she needs to work on him, as they walk off together. In the Steam version of Psychonauts, there is an achievement for finding this easter egg called "Maybe it's the Hair" and is accompanied by an image of Bobby's hair and a subtitle of "Spy on Bobby's Love Life".

Once Bobby has been rebrained, he hangs out around Chloe in Oleander's classroom to help her search for alien assistance, but not before he wishes for Raz to "have fun dying". In the end cutscene, he is sitting with Chloe and tears up when Ford tells the campers that Raz received his courage from his father. Bobby later comically gapes in shock when Raz is presented with the chance to be a Psychonaut.

Psychic AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis: Used to grab fish he and Benny could torture. 
  • Levitation: He proves himself to be a very skilled levitator, being the hardest opponent to defeat during the Milla's Race. He will fight Raz tooth and nail to come in first, and he is usually right behind Raz, meaning one slip-up, and Bobby will easily pass Raz and likely win, which will reset the Race.


  • Using Clairvoyance reveals he sees Razputin as a punching bag.
  • Bobby is one of the oldest campers at Whispering Rock, at age 12.
  • Bobby is from Drywell, Missouri.
  • Showing him Sasha's Button makes him hysterical, suggesting he's had a bad experience with the GPC, where the button belongs.
  • When he is in his de-brained state, he slaps Raz while muttering "tee-vee"... that slap indicates his bullying is more of an impulsive behavior then a conscious decision for superiority.
  • Bobby is shown to have poor personal hygiene as shown by his rotten teeth and when Pyrokinesis is used on him, he wonders what the horrible stench is.
  • Bobby's favorite music includes AC/DC, Metallica, Sabbath, Dio, Y&T, Megadeath, Krokus, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Quiet Riot, KISS, Montrose, Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Motorhead.
  • Bobby enjoys horror movies such as Scarface, Hellraiser, Child's Play 2: Chuckie's Revenge, and Texas Chainsaw.
  • Bobby's favorite TV show is Jackass.
  • If they were ever in a fight, Mikhail would wear goggles in case Bobby spits at him and would try to burn his massive hair off first. He notes that Bobby may be a biter and looks forward to the tricky match.
  • When he kicks Raz off a cliff in Basic Braining, his "eh-eh eh eh eh" taunt sounds similar to Maneater by Hall and Oates.
    • It also sounds similar to the song "Bird is the Word" by the American surf rock band "The Trashmen."
  • Bobby has one green eye and one red. The other two characters in the game who have exactly the same eye colors are Dr. Loboto and Linda the Lungfish. However, Linda did not posess these eyes until she was mutated by Loboto.
    • There is a theory made by many fans that Bobby could be related to Dr. Loboto because of their similar high-pitched and squeaky voices, their pale-blue skin, their red and green eyes, and the fact that Bobby has such terrible teeth (which people would believe it's because of having an insane dentist for a father.)
  • If you re-brain Bobby without Chloe, he is seen standing by the Coach's radio, and when Raz asks him if he wants to help him save the world, Bobby just sighs and says how much Chloe loved the Coach's radio.
  • Psychadet rank: Psychic Scout
  • Hometown: Drywell, Missouri