Clairvoyance badge
There's something in the fridge that might help you see the world like I do.

Boyd Cooper

Clairvoyance is a psychic ability learned by Razputin in Psychonauts. The psychic merit badge was obtained at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. It is also used in Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin.


Razputin learns this skill in the Milkman Conspiracy in Psychonauts, where the badge is found in Boyd's refrigerator. Raz uses this to see through the eyes of another person or object. He first uses this to see through Boyd's eyes. When using this power, Raz can still move freely, however the person will look towards Razputin.

When Raz uses Clairvoyance on other people and creatures who are looking at him, his own appearance will vary based on the target's perceptions of him. He usually appears as a two dimensional image of what the target perceives him as. For instance, if it is used on Boyd, Raz will appear to be a milk bottle with his head at the top. However, some characters see him as his normal 3D model, such as the Den Mother.

Raz uses this power in conjunction with Lili's Bracelet, allowing him to see her capture at the hands of Dr. Loboto. He can also use a Crow Feather to see from the point of view of nearby crows. Clairvoyance plays a major role in the Den Mother battle.


Whenever Raz uses Clairvoyance on another character, the camera shows the world from their point of view, but focused on looking at Raz. Raz himself appears as a mental image that individual subconsciously perceives him as.

Who they are What they see What it means Image
Dogen Boole The aviator hat and goggles Raz wears Dogen focuses on hats, such as his own tinfoil hat, which he thinks helps him control his psychic abilities.
Raz 36
Kitty Bubai
Franke Athens
Elka Doom
A fly These three girls consider Raz to be very annoying. Naturally, Raz takes offense.
Raz 37
Nils Lutefisk "Not a girl" sign Nils is only concerned with ladies, and so subconsciously dismisses Raz.
Raz 42
Elton Fir A mustache-twirling villain, carrying a tied-up Lili Before he hooks up with Milka, Elton has a crush on Lili and views Raz as a rival for her affections.
Raz villian1
Bobby Zilch A punching doll with a target on it A fierce rivalry is depicted between Bobby and Raz, which explains his view.
Raz 16
Benny Fideleo Raz with oversized ears Despite his nickname "the Nose," Benny's most obvious attribute is his oversized ears. He may feel somewhat embarrassed and thus desires to project his own feelings onto others.
Raz 33
Vernon Tripe A giant ear Vernon is always telling stories, so his mental image of Raz is of an ear, ready to listen.
Raz 43
Phoebe Love A pile of kindling Despite wanting to name her band the "Firestarters", Phoebe is afraid of fire. She is a skilled pyrokinetic and may suffer from pyromania.
Raz campfire
Quentin Hedgemouse Raz as himself but with Quentin's fashion style Quentin is an easy-to-like guy who gets along with a lot of people. Viewing Raz the way he views himself shows how accepting he is.
Raz withscarf
J. T. Hoofburger Raz as a cowboy J.T. is a wannabe cowboy, projecting that onto others as a way of relating to them. He sees Raz as part of his ideal world.
Raz 38
Melvin "Chops" Sweetwind Raz as a Hockey player Like his best friend J.T., Chops sees Raz as part of his ideal world. In Chops' case, he sees Raz playing Hockey, the national pastime in his homeland of Canada.
Raz 35
Crystal Flowers Snagrash
Clem Foote
Raz as a Football player Clem and Crystal are the cheerleaders of the camp, always making up cheers to brighten up the campers' day. Cheerleading is most commonly associated with the game of Football.
Raz 15
Milka Phage A boot Milka turns invisible every time Raz -- or anyone other than Elton, for that matter -- approaches her. She listens for the footsteps of someone approaching her, showing that she subconsciously fixates on the sound as a trigger to turn invisible.
Raz shoe
Chloe Barge Raz as a green alien Chloe believes she is an alien from another galaxy. As Raz is also considered an outsider by the other campers, she perceives him to have alien qualities as well.
Raz 34
Mikhail Bulgakov A smaller, scrawnier Raz The tall, bear-wrestling Mikhail views Raz as a puny weakling.
Raz 41 1
Maloof Canola Raz as a mob boss This is one piece of evidence used to support the belief that Maloof comes from a Mafia family. He later on becomes something of a mob boss, threatening the bullies who harassed him with Mikhail as his "enforcer."
Raz 39
Lili Zanotto Raz as a prince with a rose in his hand Lili harbors a secret crush on Raz, which she hides under her slight playful disdain for his behavior.
Raz 9
Sasha Nein Raz as a younger version of himself It's possible that Nein sees a lot of similarities between Raz and himself, which explains his view.
Clairvoyance Sasha
Milla Vodello Raz as an infant Ever since her time at the orphanage, Milla has always cared for children. Her painful loss now causes her to view the campers as innocent, helpless babies that require her protection.
Raz 8
Coach Oleander An oversized brain Coach Oleander is in the midst of his psychic army plans when he meets Raz. He doesn't see Raz as a strong psychic, but rather raw material with which he can make unstoppable psychic weapons.
Без имени-13
Ford Cruller (in his Sanctuary) Raz as a Psychonaut Ford, like Sasha, has faith in Raz's abilities and potential. Already, he's imagining Raz as a full-fledged member of the Psychonauts.
Raz 26
Ranger Cruller (in the GPC & Wilderness) A heap of fallen leaves The ranger is always raking leaves out by the abandoned cabin in the wilderness. He spends most of his time telling the kids that the wilderness is off-limits, so he views Raz as a mess (in this case, a pile of leaves) that needs to be gotten out of the way.
Raz 27
Janitor Cruller (in the Campfire Area) A heap of dust Like his ranger alter-ego, the janitor only sees Raz as a mess waiting to be cleaned up and swept away. He can not focus on anything else.
Raz 25
Chef Cruller (in the Main Lodge) A huge open mouth Chef Cruller seems to always be in the midst of grilling hamburgers. Any student who approaches him -- even to shop at the camp store -- is viewed by him to simply be another hungry mouth to feed.
Raz mouth
Admiral Cruller (at the Lake) Raz as a young sea cadet The admiral sees Raz in this form because he expects the boy to requisition one of the canoes.
Raz 24
Coach Oleander's Basic Braining
Mr. Bun
A huge, scary meat butcher The bunnies in Basic Braining are thoughts leaking from Oleander's actual psyche into the artificial memories that create the battlefield. The bunnies' vision show Oly's fear of his father, a butcher.
Raz 13
Brain Tumbler Experiment
Monster Plant A fly Like a Venus Fly-trap, these plants view Raz as something to be eaten.
Raz 37
Sasha's Shooting Gallery
Mega Censor An odd virus to exterminate Just like the rest of the Censors, the Mega Censor sees Raz as an intrusive thought -- one that seems out of place in the mind.
Raz 28
Milla's Dance Party
The Dancers A fellow party-goer Milla keeps the dance-party going in her mind all the time. As such, the projections of her inner party, the dancers, see Raz as another person ready to get down and dance.
Raz 48
Beneath Lake Oblongata
Linda the Hulking Lungfish A small lungfish Linda is a lungfish. That is all she knows. And so, that is all she understands.
Raz lungfish
Suckerfish A lollipop These little fish will suck on Raz's head if he gets too close. This is how Raz perceives their desire to do so.
Raz sucker
Lobsters A boy in a fish costume These decapods can not comprehend a human being on the lake bottom. This is the best their pea-sized minds can come up with.
Raz minnow1
Oysters A pearl The oysters seek to protect anything that ends up in their mouths.
Raz pearl
Lungfish Citizens
Lungfish Navy
Lungfish Zealots

Raz as a monster/Raz as a zealot

Since Raz is significantly larger than the Lungfish, they view him as a Godzilla-style monster, whom they have dubbed "Goggalor" due to the helmet and goggles he wears.
Raz zealot
Kochamara An oversized brain Coach Oleander is the one who took control of Linda's mind, and is Kochamara's true identity. He views Raz as a significant part of his plot.
Без имени-13
Milkman Conspiracy
Boyd Cooper A bottle of milk and Raz's head as the bottle cap In reality, the Milkman is merely Boyd Cooper's alternate persona. Boyd is anxious to find and assume this persona so that he can deliver the milk (in this case, the Molotov cocktails he is holding in the real world).
Raz 4
The G-Men Depends on his disguise The G-Men operate on the principle that holding a certain item disguises them as something other than spies. Raz can appear as a road worker, a hedge trimmer, a gardener with a watering can, a pie maker, a phone repairman, an assassin with a rifle, a sewer worker, and a grieving widow.
The Rainbow Squirts Raz as a robber trying to steal the milk away The Rainbow Squirts are working against the G-Men to keep the Milkman's location and identity a secret. They view this interloper in Cooper's mind no differently.
Raz 55 1
The Den Mother Raz as he actually is This is likely only for gameplay reasons. The player must use Clairvoyance (with the God's Eye) in order to defeat the Den Mother, so it makes sense that Raz would appear normally instead of a 2D image.
Mailboxes, Fire hydrants A shadowy figure covered in question marks Mailboxes and other things in this mental realm are actually camouflage for undercover cameras. They are curious as to Raz's identity and intentions. The G-Men will also see Raz like this if he doesn't have a G-Man "disguise" on.
Raz silouhette1
The keypad A giant finger The keypad is merely waiting to receive the proper passcode, typed in by hand.
Raz finger
Security cameras, Flamingos Raz as he actually is As seeing through the security cameras is the only way to get through the darkness, Raz appears as himself. This is only for gameplay reasons.
Gloria's Theater
Gloria Von Gouton
Bonita Soleil
An autograph of herself with a pen about to sign on it Gloria and her inner persona, Bonita, always assume that anyone who approaches them is merely wanting an autograph.
Raz 3
Jasper Rolls
The Phantom
One and a half stars Jasper is critical of everyone and everything, never saving his criticism for the stage actors. He holds Raz in very low regard, thus equating him to a bad play review.
Raz 54
Becky Houndstooth A check-list clipboard Becky is all-too-focused on the play, so she cannot think of anything else other than the many tasks that must be completed in order for the play to carry on.
Raz clipboard
The Happy Flower Actors Raz in happy flower costume The Flower Actors are bright and sunny and view the rest of the world and everyone in it the exact same way.
Raz flower
The Evil Flower Actors An evil mechanical lawn mower When the lights switch, the Flower Actors become aggressive just like everything else on-stage. That aggression takes the form of something they think will attack them.
Raz lawnmower
The Birds An angry cat Self-explanatory.
Raz 29
The Bats A worm Also self-explanatory.
Raz worm
The Happy Dogs A fire hydrant Use your imagination.
Raz firehydrant
The Feral Hounds A bowl of dog food Once again, use your imagination.
Raz dogfood
Waterloo World
Fred Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte
Most of the game pieces
Raz as a contemporary general with a raised sword Napoleon and Fred view Raz as another player in the game, especially after Raz takes Fred's place against Napoleon.
Raz 1
Napoleon Bonaparte (on the board) Raz as a wooden game piece The smaller Napoleon on the game board views Raz as just another tiny piece, waiting to be moved by his commander. This is ultimately what causes him to underestimate the young man.
Raz 50
Snail Cannons A big leaf with Raz's face on it Snails eat leaves. It makes sense.
Raz 53
The Knight Raz as a waiter The knight will not join the game until Raz brings him some escargot to eat. He views it as Raz's only purpose in the game.
Raz 51
The Cows A bull The cows see Raz as someone powerful and in charge.
Raz 52
Black Velvetopia
Edgar Teglee Raz as a Joker card Edgar fixates on the cards he needs to build the card castle in order to reach his wife.
Raz 17
El Odio A traditional red bullfighting cape El Odio runs Raz down if the boy ever gets in his way, just as bulls are attracted and infuriated by the red capes used by bullfighters.
Raz 22
Saint Bernard An art model The Saint Bernard artist sees Raz as something to be painted.
Raz 20
Collie A filthy pig The Collie views Raz in a much lower light. Also, Collies are often known to work on farms and ranches.
Raz 21
Dalmatian A judge The Dalmatian wants to prove that his art is without peer.
Raz 18
Bulldog A tourist The Bulldog sees Raz this way since Raz is so focused on getting the poster put up, announcing the bullfight.
Raz 19
Dingo Inflagrante Raz as a young matador Dingo is obsessed with himself, and as such projects that appearance onto others.
Raz 23
The Maidens A man in a trench coat/

A prince (if Raz is holding a rose)

We'll leave the rest up to your imagination.
Maid clairvoyace
Tiger A weak antelope Tigers, jaguars, and other large cats hunt, chase, and eat things like antelope.
Raz gazelle
Dragon A wimpy warrior in cardboard armor Knights in armor are known in legends for battling fierce dragons. This shows that Dragon doesn't view Raz as a true challenge.
Raz cheeseyknight
Eagle A worm Just like Tiger, Eagle sees Raz as something to be hunted and eaten.
Raz worm
Cobra A nerdy-looking Edgar Edgar and the real-life inspiration for Junior King Kong Cobra obviously had some dirty laundry in the past. Edgar likely feels inferior and judged by this person to the present day.
Raz edgarnerd
Crispin Whytehead A blurry image of Dr. Loboto Crispin's vision is so terrible, he can only recognize the real Dr. Loboto (or anyone else for that matter) as a blurry image. The items Raz collects to disguise himself look just enough like Loboto to Crispin that the orderly does not see any difference.
Raz 2
Sheegor A savior Sheegor is a gentle and fearful soul, despite working as Loboto's assistant. Though she tries to dissuade Raz from climbing the tower, she does see him as someone who could save her from the mad doctor.
Raz 5
Rats A slice of cheese Rats are known to like cheese, but why they would self-destruct in confusion clouds over it is another question.
Raz 10
Dr. Loboto Himself You aren't actually supposed to be able to use Clairvoyance on him.
Mr. Pokeylope A slice of cake Obviously, Pokeylope cannot wait to have a piece of that birthday cake.
Raz 6
Meat Circus
Little Oly A circus ringleader As their minds are mixed together, Oly sees Raz as a piece of his past. In this case, he sees Raz as a member of the circus.
Raz 47
The Medium Raz as a fairgoer The medium perceives Raz as yet another visitor to the circus.
Raz oldtimey
The mutilated bunnies A carrot with his face on it The mutilated bunnies try to attack Raz, their primitive minds seeing him as something to be devoured.
Raz carrot
The Fat Lady A chocolate bar Oh, yeah. Like she needs chocolate.
Raz candy
Sword Swallowers Raz on a target Clearly, they view Raz as great target practice.
Raz tiedtowheel
The Butcher A steak with his face on it The Butcher is a projection of Oleander's fear of his own father. He never forgave his father for having slaughtered his pet rabbit to teach him a "lesson" about the only utility of little animals: to became butchered meat. To this day, he believes his father would have butchered him as well, and so that is what Raz sees also.
Raz 44
Zombie Augustus Raz as a zombified version of himself Raz was always under the impression that Augustus was against psychics and wanted his son to be just like him.
Raz 46
The Two-Headed Dad Monster The shape of the Double Fine logo baby, with a rabbit's head and body, but with Raz's head attached to the bunny torso as well The Two-Headed Dad Monster wants to merge Mr. Bun and Raz together.
Raz 45
Memory Vaults A dog catcher The memory vaults have several dog-like attributes, such as the ears, flopping tongue, and bounding gait. They try to get away from him, as a dog would from a dog catcher.
Raz 14
Emotional Baggage A hotel bellhop Emotional baggage simply waits to be sorted out, carried off and taken care of. They see Raz in the role of a bellhop for this reason.
Raz 11
The Teleport Bug A package The teleport bug sees Raz as a package waiting to be delivered, always eager to send Raz to exactly where he needs to go.
Raz 12
Censors An odd virus to exterminate The censors exist to remove thoughts from a person's head that should not be there. They see Raz as a virus since they function like a mental immune system, destroying anything foreign.
Raz 28
Birds and Seagulls An angry cat The birds around the camp fly away if Raz gets close. The image of a cat shows that they are afraid of him.
Raz 29
Squirrels A goofy-looking version of himself, as a primate wearing clothes The squirrels around the camp are obviously smarter than they appear, given the critical information they pass along to Dogen. They view Raz (and all humans) as simple, stupid creatures who cannot see what is right in front of them.
Raz 30
Bears Left-over food from a picnic The bears in the camp go after Raz in the same way a real-world bear would be attracted to a picnic table in some park area. They wish to devour him.
Raz 31
Cougars A small bunny Like the bears, cougars see Raz as something small and helpless to devour.
Raz 32
Nightmares A shadowy figure covered in question marks The nightmares have noticed a victim has entered their sanctum. They want to know what he's most afraid of.
Raz silouhette1
Personal Demons A bullseye with a face Those demons are drawn to Raz as though they wanted to take him with them. Which, of course, they do.
Raz 49


  • Unless you're willing to develop a fighting style based on the perspective of enemies, Clairvoyance doesn't help out at all in combat. The only time this ability is of any practical use is in the Milkman Conspiracy and using crow feathers. Aside from this the ability is merely for background information and easter eggs.

Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin Edit

Clairvoyance had its mechanics enhanced for the VR game. Not only the player can see through another person's eyes, but also move around their point of view freely to observe. Raz is also capable to move from one person's view to another as long as they are in presence and that counts towards animals too. Clairvoyance has a special ability to reach to a person's mind from a great distance if channeled through a precious item connected to it. This occurs at some point in the game where Raz finds a music box that belongs to Truman Zanotto, passed down by his mother. During his kidnapping, Raz asked Lili if she used clairvoyance to reach out her father through the box, but her anxiety messed with her psychic powers. Raz was capable to reaching out and locating Truman of his whereabouts. Clairvoyance also can be used in the mental world as seen when Raz entered Dr. Loboto's mind in order to restore his sanity. He could look through the every subconscious manifestations of his mind, including his first mate and his younger self who looked through ever corner of his childhood.


  • While being chased by Linda at the bottom of Lake Oblongata, Raz sees the terrain through Linda's POV, even though he doesn't have Clairvoyance yet.
  • This is the only power that doesn't have upgrades.
  • Interestingly enough, the Nightmares in Milla's mind will also see Raz as a party-goer.
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