Cobweb Duster Store

The Cobweb Duster in the Camp Store.

The Cobweb Duster is an item that can be purchased in Psychonauts that is used to clear minds of Mental Cobwebs.


Razputin can buy the Cobweb Duster at the Camp Store from Ford Cruller for 800 arrowheads. He must have a PSI Cadet Rank of rank 20 or higher to purchase the item. This item is necessary to obtain certain collectibles, and is essential to progress in most of the later Mental Worlds in the game (starting from the Milkman Conspiracy).

The collected cobwebs can be woven into Psi-Cards using one of the contraptions at the bottom of Ford's Sanctuary.

Cobweb Duster Art

Concept art of the Cobweb Duster.


  • Trying to enter Boyd's mind without one of these will cause a message from Ford Cruller to pop up, telling the player a Cobweb Duster is needed to get through the entire level, and asking whether or not they want to go in anyway.
  • The Cobweb Duster is another way Razputin can hit people.