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Confusion Badge

The Confusion merit badge.

As an advance, I'll give you one of my secret weapons. Use it if anyone gets stubborn.

–Dingo Inflagrante

Confusion is a PSI-Power that grants the ability to use Confusion Grenades to cloud people's minds and cause enemies to turn on their allies.

This ability is gained by Razputin in Black Velvetopia in Psychonauts, given to him by the famous matador Dingo Inflagrante as a reward for getting his advertisement mural painted. Raz needs to collect Confusion Grenades in order to use this ability, unless he has the Infinite Ammunition upgrade.


A stage actor under the effects of Confusion.

Certain enemies have the ability to confuse; the Blueprint Brain Tank can throw Confusion Grenades much like Raz, and the rats on the upper floors of Thorney Towers can-self destruct into a cloud of confusion.

When Raz is under the influence of Confusion, movement controls will be reversed, and what PSI Powers you have selected will be temporarily randomized (as well as the icon for them being hidden).


  • Confusion is learnt very late into Psychonauts, and there is only one Extra Ammo Upgrade available in the level after it. Be mindful of how many grenades you can hold at one time. Remember, Razputin can only carry five or six at a time.
    • It should also be noted that while Confusion Grenades can be found by breaking objects and killing enemies along with Mental Health/Aggression Ammo/Arrowheads, they have a slightly lower drop rate. Be very careful on how you use your grenades; it may not be worth it to use one just for a single enemy.
  • Your own Confusion Grenades cannot confuse you, so don't worry about being careful with your own Grenades.


  • Most NPCs can be Confused, causing them to blurt out humorous, disoriented dialogue.
  • Confusion, like Clairvoyance, Marksmanship, Levitation and Shielding, is an ability that is obtained in the very mind where the ability is required to complete that mental world, in this case it's required to defeat Cobra and Dingo.
  • When Boyd is hit with a Confusion Grenade (obtained by cheating) before the Milkman Conspiracy is completed, he temporarily comes to his senses and says this quote:
    • "Wait a minute, I think there may not be a conspiracy after all. It's possible that I am suffering from paranoid delusions, linked to an entity I call 'The Milkman' who is in actuality...(confusion wears off) the mummified remains of Abraham Lincoln!"
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