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As an advance, I'll give you one of my secret weapons. Use it if anyone gets stubborn.

Dingo Inflagrante

Confusion is a PSI-Power that grants the ability to use Confusion Grenades to cloud people's minds and cause enemies to turn on their allies.


This ability is learned by Razputin in Black Velvetopia in Psychonauts, given to him by the famous matador Dingo Inflagrante as a reward for getting his advertisement mural painted. Raz needs to collect Confusion Grenades in order to use this ability, unless he has the Infinite Ammunition upgrade acquired at level 95.

Certain enemies have the ability to confuse; the Blueprint Brain Tank can throw Confusion Grenades much like Raz, and the rats on the upper floors of Thorney Towers can-self destruct into a cloud of confusion. When Raz is under the influence of Confusion, movement controls will be reversed, and what PSI Powers you have selected will be temporarily randomized (as well as the icon for them being hidden).


Confusion Grenades are mental grenades used to confuse enemies. Confusion Grenade ammo appears as little green question marks with puzzled faces, and when picked up gives Raz one more grenade to fire. When the grenades are lobbed, they explode in a green cloud, confusing anyone caught in the line of fire. Raz first gets to use these when he acquires the Confusion power in Black Velvetopia, required to beat Cobra, the fourth of four Luchadores, to obtain the last of the four Queen cards required for Edgar Teglee to build his card stack.

Raz can carry five of these grenades at a time. Once he reaches level 95, he no longer requires Confusion Grenade ammo to use the ability.


  • Confusion ammo.

    Confusion is learned very late into Psychonauts, and there is only one Extra Ammo Upgrade available in the level after it. Be mindful of how many grenades you can hold at one time, as Razputin can only carry five or six at a time, unless he is at level 95, as it will not require ammo.
    • It should also be noted that while Confusion Grenades can be found by breaking objects and killing enemies along with Mental Health/Aggression Ammo/Arrowheads, they have a slightly lower drop rate. Be very careful on how you use your grenades; it may not be worth it to use one just for a single enemy.
  • Your own Confusion Grenades cannot confuse you, so don't worry about being careful with your own Grenades.

Effects on characters (Psychonauts)

Augustus Aquato

Augustus cannot be hit by a confusion grenade because he only exists in cutscenes and not gameplay.

Becky Houndstooth

"Uh...Wait, why am I stressed out? I forget. Huh. Oh, must have been nothing. Guess I can just relax and-- (confusion wears off) Oh my god. How long was I out? What did I miss? Oh, this is a disaster!"

Bonita Soleil

"Huh? Where am I? What is that terrible crying noise?"

Boyd Cooper

(Before the Milkman Conspiracy): "Wait a minute, I think there may not be a conspiracy after all. It's possible that I am suffering from paranoid delusions, linked to an entity I call 'The Milkman' who is in actuality...(confusion wears off) the mummified remains of Abraham Lincoln!"

(After the Milkman Conspiracy): "Nothing can distract me from my mission. I will not rest until I've delivered the milk."

The Milkman: The Milkman doesn't have any confusion voice lines, but he has a confusion animation.


"Oooh... ohhh..."


The campers have the confusion animation effect and groaning voice lines, but they don't say anything.

Coach Oleander

If Coach Oleander is hit with a Confusion Grenade at the start of the game, he asks: "Mr. Bun? Where are you going?" In reference to his childhood pet rabbit.

(Little Oly): Little Oly does not have Confusion dialogue but he does have a confused animation.

(Kochamara): Kochamara does not have a confusion animation or confusion voice lines. He is completely unaffected.

Crispin Whytehead

(Unaffected) "Good day."


The censors will start stamping each other if they are in groups. They will stamp their own heads if they are alone.

Dingo Inflagrante

"I am the mighty El Odio! I have all the power of the bull!"

Dr. Caligosto Loboto

Dr. Loboto is impossible to hit because of his protective force field. It is unknown what effects Confusion Grenades have on him in the first game.

Dog Painters

The Dog Painters (excluding Bulldog) do not have voice lines when hit with a Confusion Grenade, but they do have a confused animation.

  • (Bulldog when hit with Confusion): "Oh my god, I'm deaf! What? Oh my god. 'God' is 'dog' spelled backwards. Whoa, wait a minute 'God' is 'cat' spelled backwards. Oh no. Oh no no no no no. I'm shaving just like daddy! The devil cat has horns! Ah ah!"

Den Mother

Confusion Grenades do not affect the Den Mother. She does not have a Confusion animation or Confusion voice lines.

Edgar Teglee

"I... uh... oh... who chained this building to my leg? I... really wish I had some pastels... or water colors..."

(Velvetopia): "Where am I?"

El Odio

El Odio will stand up on his hind legs. He has no Confusion voice lines because he can't talk.

Evil Augustus

Evil Augustus is impossible to hit because of how far he strays away from Raz in Meat Circus. It is unknown what effects Confusion Grenades have on him.

Ford Cruller

If Ford Cruller is hit with a confusion grenade he will say lines from his different personalities while in the wrong character.

  • Janitor Cruller: "These patties aren't done yet!"
  • Chef Cruller: "These parts of the camp grounds are off limits!"
  • Oarsman Cruller: "Stop starin' at my mops!"
  • Ranger Cruller: "You will call me ADMIRAL, Sonny!"
  • If hit as his normal personality he cycle through his various alter egos: "Ah what? No... I have to flip the burgers! No, I have to mop the rain. Ah! My canoes!" Once he recovers, he will worry that he needs a larger psitanium boulder under the glass in his sanctuary.

Fred Bonaparte

(Before Waterloo World): "Whoa wait a second... I like war! War is fun! Victory is important to me! (Napoleon) "No it is not! It is terrible. It is like eating British food everyday. (confusion wears off) "Oh, that was weird."

(During Waterloo World): "I like war! War is fun! Victory is important to me. (Napoleon) "What? You do? You ARE my relative after all!" (confusion wears off) "Oh, wait. No, I'm over it." (Napoleon) "Ah, I knew it."

(After Waterloo World):

  • (asleep): "ZzzzzZZZZzzzz-zzz..."
  • (awake): "Oh, wait what? I'm still there... I'm still at the battlefield back at Waterloo... (confusion wears off) no, wait, I'm not... that was strange."

French Soldiers

(Napoleon): "Hey! Don't touch my pieces! That is cheating!"

Gloria Von Gouton

"Ohhhhh.. (recovering) "Oh! Oh my! What happened? Did I faint again and not notice?"


A G-man after being hit with a Confusion Grenade.

When the G-men are hit with a Confusion Grenade, their heads pop off and spin the air.

  • Road crew G-men: "What am I doing out here with this strange paddle in my hand? I should be trying to find the Milkman! Oh yeah. That's right. Disguise. Ahem."
  • Hedge Trimmer G-men: "Why am I trimming hedges? I pay a gardener good money to do this for me. I should be out trying to find the Milkman! Oh yeah. That's right. Disguise. Ahem."
  • Assassin G-men: "Oh my god. Why do I have a gun in my hand? I hope I didn't kill again. I should be out trying to find the Milkman! Oh yeah. That's right. Disguise. Ahem."
  • Housewife G-men: "What's this? I hate pie! I should be out trying to find the Milkman! Oh yeah. That's right. Disguise. Ahem."
  • Widow G-men: "Why am I in a grave yard? Am I dead? I should be out trying to find the Milkman! Oh yeah. That's right. Disguise. Ahem."
  • Sewer worker G-men: "What am I doing in this smelly sewer? Disgusting! I should be out trying to find the Milkman! Oh yeah. That's right. Disguise. Ahem."
  • Phone line mechanic G-men: "Who is this? Why did you call me? I should be out trying to find the Milkman! Oh yeah. That's right. Disguise. Ahem."
  • Watering Can G-men: "Okay I have to think. Does this watering can and I have a history? I should be out trying to find the Milkman! Oh yeah. That's right. Disguise. Ahem."

Hearty Knight

"Ooh... ohhhh..."

Milla Vodello

Confusion Grenades do not affect Milla in the real world. However, they do affect her inside of her mind.

Jasper Rolls

(The Phantom): "Oh! I'm a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout. Just kidding. I AM THE PHANTOM!"

(Unaffected) "Ha! A reinforced balcony! A must for any critic!"

Linda the Lungfish

Confusion Grenades do not affect Linda. She does not have a Confusion animation or Confusion voice lines.

Milkman Conspiracy Trashcans/Fire hydrants/Mail deposit boxes

Raz can use confusion grenades on the trashcans, fire hydrants, and mail deposit in the milkman conspiracy. They will wiggle around while disoriented.

Napoleon Bonaparte

"Ohhh... ohh... Wait... What IS the purpose of war? Maybe diplomacy could, uh... (confusion wears off) Ah! Wait! Who said that?!"


Oatmeal has a Confusion animation and a different dialogue sound effect when hit by a Confusion Grenade.

Party Dancers

The party dancers do not have voice lines but will wobble around, bewilderedly.


(all three peasants have the same response) "Ohhh... ohhhh..."


The seagulls bob their heads around, dazed.

Razputin Aquato

(Hit by Brain Tank): "Ah.. Confusion Grenade... so dizzy... Who am I?"

(Using Confusion Grenade on Keypad): "Ha! I've hacked it! This will work for sure!" (G-man) "Stop this a restricted area." (Raz) "Rats."

(Hit by Confusion Rat): "Ohhhh... oohhhh"

Rainbow Squirts

Confusion Grenades do not affect the Rainbow Squirts. They do not have a Confusion animation or Confusion voice lines.

Stage Actors

A stage actor under the effects of Confusion.

Flower Actors (friendly): "Oh no! I forgot my lines! I hope no one notices! Becky's going to kill me! This is why I don't get better lines! Okay, just fake it! Concentrate. Focus. Say something happy! I have to be more positive! Say something positive! Oh, that's right I'm a happy flower!" (confusion wears off) "Ah, much better!" "Okay, I don't think anyone noticed. Thank you, improv class!"

Flower Actors (aggressive): "Ahhh... I want better parts! You guys are all in my way! You guys have always been against me!"

Dogs: (chases tail) "Man, I hate that tail! Arrrh!"

Birds: "Oh god. What is a simple fish like me doing so high out of water? Soon I will be dead from lack of water! But I am still happy! Tweet!"

Feral Hounds: "Ah! I hate all thistles and dogs! Kill all thistles and dogs!"

Bats: "Oh, I been on the sea for many a year! I ate me some whale, and I drank me some beer! I punched me a shark and tapped me a keg! And I carved up my name on a captain's wood leg!"

Sasha Nein

(Unaffected) "I am not so easily confused, Razputin."

(Inside his mind, with an included Confused animation) "Enough!"


"Ohhhhhhh... ohhh".

The Butcher

Confusion Grenades do not affect the Butcher. He does not have a Confusion animation or Confusion voice lines.


  • Most NPCs can be confused, causing them to blurt out humorous, disoriented dialogue.
  • In Psychonauts, the controls aren't flipped, but the game itself.[1]
  • Confusion, like Clairvoyance, Marksmanship, Levitation and Shielding, is an ability that is obtained in the very mind it is required in to complete that mental world - confusion is required to defeat Cobra and Dingo in Black Velvetopia.