“They stole my happiness! My life! The State semi-finals! Everything!” — Edgar, before changing into El Odio
Edgar bull

El Odio is a neon pink bull who appears within the mental world of Black Velvetopia in Psychonauts. The bull is supposed to represent Edgar Teglee's rage.


El Odio first appears as the nemesis of Edgar Teglee, knocking down Edgar's house of cards every time he tries to build it. As Razputin proceeds through the world of Black Velvetopia, El Odio is constantly running through the streets and will drag Raz along if he's caught at street level.

Towards the end of the mental world, it is discovered that El Odio is actually Edgar himself, or the embodiment of Edgar's rage. Raz fights El Odio at first, but must then protect him from attacks by Dingo Inflagrante. El Odio is finally dissolved when Edgar overcomes his rage and puts his past behind him. The attacks that were used to defeat El Odio can also be used on Dingo.

General StrategyEdit

During the first fight, Razputin must wait for El Odio to charge at Raz then quickly move out of the way. When El Odio hits the wall, use Telekinesis on the banderillas and throw them at El Odio. Another tactic is to use Confusion Grenades on him so his mind will get clouded when he steps into the confusion cloud. During the second fight, simply use Telekinesis again to pull the banderillas out of El Odio.


  • "El Odio" translates directly from Spanish to "The Hatred", further enforcing the connection of Edgar's hateful obsession over what happened and how that obsession was keeping him from reaching his goals.
  • When Clairvoyance is used on El Odio, he sees Raz as a traditional red bullfighting cape.
  • If Raz turns invisible during the battle with him, he will start kicking around so Raz won't be able to come near him.