Raz near a Steamer Trunk.

We all have emotional baggage, kid.

–Coach Oleander

Emotional Baggage are collectibles found in each Mental World in Psychonauts. They are literally the person's emotional baggage, depicted as various kinds of bags, all of which cry continuously. For each bag, the player can find a matching tag which resolves an emotional issue.

In each Mental World, there are 5 pieces of emotional baggage and their respective tags to find: The Dufflebag, the Hatbox, the Purse, the Steamer Trunk, and the Suitcase. Reuniting each one with its respective tag unlocks a reel of the Primal Memories (concept art of the level, characters etc.) of the person they belong to.



  • The baggage crying is always a sped-up or slowed down version of the voice of whatever character the bag belongs to.
  • Using Clairvoyance on any piece of Baggage shows that they see Raz as a bellboy.
  • After Coach Oleander finishes his speech ( "...the rest of you...will DIE!"), the camera pans across the (horrified) campers, a few of which have baggage with them. Curiously, these bags are exactly the same as the Emotional ones, sans faces. Chops and Benny have steamer trunks, Clem and Quentin have dufflebags, and Milka is sitting on a suitcase.
  • There is an animation error with the dufflebag; if you look carefully, you'll notice it doesn't go all the way off the screen.
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