Relax, that's just a figment of my imagination.

Coach Oleander during Basic Braining

Figments are physical manifestations of a mind's imagination which appear all throughout the mental world and serve as collectibles in the Psychonauts series. They are two-dimensional illustrations that clue in to a person's psyche and differ in color. 


Each figment has a number value assigned to it which contributes to Raz's figment-point counter. For every 100 figment points Raz obtains, he receives a PSI Cadet Rank. As the game progresses, the worth of figments will slowly rise.

In his journal, Razputin keeps a thorough record of each and every single individual figment he collects, which can be accessed from the collection tab depending on which level he is in.


  • Waterloo World contains the most figments in the game, with a total of 243, whereas Sasha's Shooting Gallery has the least with only 69.
  • The Meat Circus has figments shaped like Double Fine's mascot, the Double-headed baby, and one shaped like the Strongman from Scott Campbell's comic series.
  • Not all figments are stationary. Some can be seen moving about, and observing the patterns in which they move can help you catch them.
  • A few of of the levels, including Milla's Dance Party, Black Velvetopia, and the Meat Circus have figments in difficult areas to reach while playing the level through the first times. Therefore, each of these levels may require the player to come back to each of them after completing the game, in order to get all of the figments.


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