I... I can’t leave this cave, Razputin. Not as the Ford Cruller you know.

–Ford Cruller

Ford's Sanctuary is Ford Cruller's hideout, hidden beneath Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. It is accessed via a series of secret entrances in the shape of hollowed out tree stumps. It is a hidden HQ for the Psychonauts. Also this is a very vital place where Psi Cadets and unweave their mental cobwebs, that they have found in mindscapes. As well as most importantly this is where one can and rank up. Thus unlocking all sorts of new psychic gifts. Plus you can always find the wonderful Ford Cruller residing here, who becomes like a Psychic Sensai to Razputin and a vast well of important info.


Cruller's mind is multifaceted, and he is seen throughout the camp in Psychonauts as a janitor, admiral, cook, and park ranger. The sanctuary is located near a motherlode of Psitanium, a psychoreactive material that boosts the mental abilities of psychics, but further destabilises the mentally unstable. So as long as Ford is in the sanctuary, his multiple personas pull together into the Psychonaut Ford Cruller. After a psychic duel he was left shattered, and his mind split apart. From the safety of his sanctuary, Ford could send agents Oleander, Nein and Vodello out to the field. They keep quiet about this because they know that if the Psychonauts found out Ford has been assigning them all their missions, they'd stop approving them.

Later in the game, this is where the brainless campers are kept so Razputin could bring back their brains there and recranialize them.

By using the Bacon, Ford can bring you back here any time you like (Except past the point of no return).


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