Galochio Hand Index Finger

The Hand of Galochio with its index finger out.

The Hand of Galochio is a manifestation of the curse put upon Razputin's entire family; since they are all doomed to die in water, the curse takes the appearance of a spooky hand that tries to pull Raz underwater. Each time he lands on the surface of water deep enough to drown in, the hand reaches for him. Raz can avoid a maximum of two attempted grabs before being pulled under on the third, giving him (and the player) a chance to get back to dry land. A few seconds after being pulled under, Raz crawls back onto land, panting in exhaustion.

It is suggested that Psychonauts 2 will have a story arc around the curse of Galochio.

It is named for the Galochios, the gypsy family that imposed the curse on the family in the first place.


  • The cardboard waves in Gloria's Theater can also produce a cardboard hand to pull down the player.
  • In the Meat Circus, there are posters advertising various attractions, including one for the Galochios. A blurb underneath the picture says they are dead.
  • Some fans theorize that the hand is actually a manifestation of Razputin's fear of drowning made real by his own psychic power, rather than the curse itself. This is supported in a quote from Razputin's projection of his father, where he refers to the cold hand of fear while Razputin races ever-rising water. It is also supported by the fact that in the Rhombus of Ruin, nobody else can see the hands reaching for Raz.
  • According to the manual for the original Psychonauts, only Raz and his family can physically see the hand. However, other psychics can possibly be aware of it if Raz is currently in their mind.
  • In the water in Milla's Dance Party the hand does appear, although it doesn't actually pull Raz down underwater after three bounces. Milla will also comment on the hand, noting that she's never seen anything like it before and implies that she believes it's caused by Raz having a subconscious fear of wetting the bed before Raz attempts to correct her.
  • After Raz crosses the dam in Lungfishopolis, the hand will submerge him the second time he lands in the deep water. This is probably due to his immense size in this level.
  • In the final level Meat Circus, the hand immediately grabs Raz and pulls him under.
  • It's impossible to use Clairvoyance on the hand, since it is too quick and only appears for a split second.