I think the kids around camp refer to this technique as silent but deadly.

–Ford Cruller

Invisibility is a psychic merit badge at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. Razputin learns this ability when his PSI Cadet Rank reaches 30. Using this turns Raz completely invisible (except for a glow coming from his goggles). This skill cloaks himself from enemies, allowing him to sneak up on them, and is necessary in certain levels (one way to get into the Rainbow Squirt hideout, in the Milkman Conspiracy).

This power runs on a recharging timer; when in use, the color in the merit badge will drain until empty. When not in use, the merit badge will slowly refill until it reaches complete color once more, whereupon a small sound will play, notifying that the power can be used again.

At PSI Cadet Rank 60, Raz gains the upgrade Advanced Invisibility, which allows him to remain invisible for twice as long.

Uses in Game


  • The only people that can see Raz while invisible are the G-Men in the Milkman Conspiracy, as they have infra-red vision.
  • Invisibility is the specialty of Milka Phage, one of the campers at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. Coincidentally, this ability is required to obtain her brain.


  • Invisibility is very useful in combat as it allows you to do many things that would ordinarily be risky, such as running into clusters of enemies and hitting them with a Palmbomb attack.
    • However, keep in mind that trying to use any of your Psychic powers (with a handful of exceptions) will cancel the Invisibility power out and allowing enemies to see you again.
  • You can combine the Wrecking Ball Levitation upgrade with Invisibility to charge into attackers, as the Wrecking Ball's attack does not cancel out Invisibility.
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