James Theodore Hoofburger is one of the campers at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. He enjoys acting like a cowboy and uses old-fashioned western sayings. His best friend is Chops, with whom he likes to play music, and his new girlfriend is Elka Doom.

J.T. is voiced by Jeannie Elias.


Right before the start of Basic Braining, if Razputin goes to talk to J.T., Elka, and Chops talking next to one of the Kids' Cabins, they ignore him and hurry to Coach Oleander's class. Raz next sees them inside the Coach's mind awkwardly hanging from a trapeze together before losing their grip and plummeting down.

Afterwards, J.T. can be seen outside the GPC, accompanying Chops's guitar with his harmonica. The two warn Raz of the dangers of Sasha Nein's advanced training. Later on he is outside the Main Lodge shooting targets with his PSI Blast. Near nightfall, J.T. listens on a conversation between Elka and Chops in which she warns Chops to back off from her boyfriend, because she wants him all to herself. If Raz tries to warn him about the brain monster, J.T. says he has some thinking to do about his best friend and his girlfriend.

After rebraining, J.T. wisens up and vows to spend more time with his friend again (Elka has gotten back together with Nils Lutefisk). They guard the Kids' Cabins together during the night.

Psychic Abilities Edit

  • Marksmanship: After obtaining the Levitation merit badge, J.T. is practicing on haybails on the main campgrounds.


  • (use pyrokinesis) "Move along little doggie. Nothin' to burn here"
  • (use telekinesis) "Put me down partner or I'll show you what a good shot I am"
  • (show Mr. Pokeylope) "Nice to meet you, Mr. Lope. Better keep that little head away until we give the all-clear."


  • With Clairvoyance, it is possible to see J.T. thinks of Razputin as a fellow cowboy.
  • He is the only camper to own a non-psychic weapon.
  • If you show him Sasha's Button, he says that he thinks it is likely radioactive.
  • J.T. is apparently also a skilled marksman, according to Raz.
    • This is shown when he practicing his shooting on the haystacks at the lodge
    • Psychadet rank: Psychic Scout
    • Hometown: Noble, OK
    • Interests:The range, dogies, varmints
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