Lampita Pasionado is an inhabitant of Black Velvetopia, and she is the main object of Edgar Teglee's affection.


In Black Velvetopia, Edgar is perpetually building a house of cards to reach the sky, where a woman is seen in the sun, crying rose petal tears. He never succeeds because he is missing the four queens in his deck.

While gathering the cards for Edgar, Razputin hears Lampita was once Edgar's wife, but she left him for the famous matador Dingo Inflagrante. This is in fact a majorly romanticized version of what actually happened. In proceeding through the streets, he slowly pieces together the true story: in high school, Edgar was in love with a cheerleader called Lana Panzoni, but she dumped him for Dean LaGrante, a male cheerleader.

Once all four queens have been returned to Edgar, Raz can get to the sun at the top of the newly built card tower. There, in a bullfighting arena, he meets Lampita, who asks him how he managed to take out El Odio. He barely has time to say he didn't before the bull bursts in, and Raz finds himself forced to fight it, until Dingo arrives to take over. Only then does he notice El Odio is Edgar himself, trapped in his rage, and Dingo is about to kill him. Thus, Razputin defeats the matador instead, keeping Edgar safe. After the battle, Lampita rushes towards Dingo, and Raz convinces Edgar to let go of his obsession with those two losers. The painter finally realizes how stupid he has been. Despite Lampita trying to spare herself by saying she always loved Edgar more, the arena opens up at Edgar's will to swallow the pair, sending them plummeting to their doom.


  • The Queens that are being held by the Luchadores, which must be relinquished, all bear Lana's (Lampita's) likeness.