Levitation badge
I'm not saying it will never let you down, but it will let you down nice and slow.

–Milla Vodello

Levitation is a psychic ability that Razputin learns from Milla Vodello at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp in Psychonauts, in Milla's Dance Party, after she gives a psychic merit badge to him. This PSI power allows Razputin to ride on a ball of his thoughts, called a "Thought Bubble". This Bubble allows him to jump higher when riding on it.


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Raz using the Thought Bubble as a glider.

When in the air, Razputin can use the Levitation ability to slowly float downwards by holding onto the Thought Bubble.


Raz riding on his Thought Bubble.

At PSI Cadet Rank 50, Raz gains the Wrecking Ball upgrade, which turns the Thought Bubble into a weapon when rolling at full speed, dealing about as much damage as a PSI Punch. At Rank 60, Raz gains the Rolling Havoc upgrade, which turns the Thought Bubble into a Wrecking Ball as soon as you start rolling.

You can change the color of the Levitation ball (Thought Bubble) if you buy the PSI Energy Colorizer (costs 250 arrowheads) at the Camp Store.

You can also roll over various hazards while on top of your Levitation Ball. Milla's Dance Party implies that psychics should be able to levitate over water, but Raz can't due to the curse on his family to die in water.


  • Levitation can't be used for much in combat, but it does come in handy for some hit-and-run tactics:
    • You can use it to make giant leaps across mental worlds at high speeds, making for a great way to avoid enemies.
    • The Wrecking Ball and Mega Palmbomb upgrades come in very handy for landing good amounts of damage; charge into enemies with the Wrecking Ball and then hit them again with the Mega Palmbomb.
  • You can go invisible while riding on the ball; use this to make quick escapes for whatever reason.
    • You cannot, however, use the shield while on the ball. 
  • You cannot lock your mental focus on enemies while riding the ball; therefore, using abilities that require accuracy - such as Marksmanship - is not suggested.
  • In Lungfishopolis Raz is unable to use the levitation ball properly as it breaks about half a second after going on it; most likely because Raz is too heavy compared to the tiny residents.

Psychonauts 2Edit

Levitation Psychonauts 2

Razputin using the Levitation Ball in Psychonauts 2.

In a video for Psychonauts 2 the developers have said that the Levitation Ball is associated with a separate button and does not need to be mapped to a slot to be used.

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