Our noble, all-volunteer navy has been surprised only by the senseless lust for mayhem that seeps from the twisted, black lump of a heart in this creature, still known only as Goggalor.

–Lungfishopolis Live

Lungfishopolis is the mental world of Linda in Psychonauts. It is a huge metropolis surrounded by a large lake.

Points of Interest

  • The Laser Tunnel
  • The Dam
  • Skyscraper Island
  • Kochamara Island
  • The Control Tower


The level starts as a gigantic Razputin finds himself in the middle of a bustling metropolis inhabited by the lungfish citizens. As Raz makes his way through the city, he is spotted by a freedom fighter lungfish, who Raz accidentally kills with his loud voice. Another lungfish comes along and informs Raz about the broadcast tower emitting a mind controlling frequency that has taken over the city. He instructs Raz to free his comrades from prison to help Raz reach the tower to destroy it.

During Raz's trip to the tower, the lungfish military attempt to destroy him, but to no avail. The lungfish media nicknames Raz "Goggalor". When Raz reaches the broadcasting tower he must fight Kochamara, a mental figure resembling Coach Oleander. After Raz strikes him down, he climbs to the top of the tower. Upon reaching the top, Kochamara reappears and dives at Raz. Raz jumps out of the way and Kochamara accidentally destroys the tower. Kochamara then disappears in a rage and all of the freed lungfish citizens cheer for Goggalor.


Make your way through the city to the prison. Use your shield to rebound the electricity generated by the forcefield inside the tunnel to destroy the defenses. Enter the camp and proceed to smash the jail. Leave the ruins and travel to the dam, and then jump on the blimp to reach the top.

Continue traveling until you reach the bomber planes. Climb the skyscrapers and use PSI-blast to shoot down the airplanes so the freighters can dock. Once the freighters are docked, jump across them to reach skyscraper island to battle Kocharama.

Kochamara begins the battle flying. He will only perform two attacks at the start: Mighty Ram (where he charges into Raz from the sky) or Deadly Triangle Beam (where he fires an energy beam at Raz). When he uses Deadly Triangle Beam, use Shield to deflect the beam back. After three hits, he will sap all your Aggression Ammo and land on the ground. Now, he has three additional attacks: Mighty Ram Ground Version (he charges at you), Overly Intricate Combination Attack (he does a combination of kicks and punches), and Hard-to-Avoid Area Attack (he charges up and blasts the entire area). When he uses Hard-to-Avoid Area Attack, use Shield to defend yourself and then run up and hit him while he's stunned. Eventually, he'll start flying again. Repeat the flying phase until he is hit once, then the ground phase until he is hit twice. Once Kochamara is defeated, climb the tower to trigger the final cutscene.



Vaults - 2

  • In the water below the dam to the far right.
  • In the area directly after the bridge where the path splits above the dam. Take the right path, not the left to reach this vault.

Cobwebs - 5

  • Behind a nearby tower after the second news flash.
  • On the nearby wall to the right after the laser tunnel.
  • The web is behind a silo on the top of the dam to the right.
  • Behind a tower on the left side of the area near where the airplanes circle.
  • On the right path next to the tower when the path splits above the dam.

Figments - 113

Emotional Baggage

  • Steamer trunk 
    • Bag: On top of a tower past the dam to the right.
    • Tag: On the shore near the second boat.
  • Suitcase
    • Bag: On top of the tower closest to the ships at the plane fight.
    • Tag: In the tunnel with the train tracks.
  • Hatbox
    • Bag: On top of the dam, to the far left side. 
    • Tag: On top of the dam to the left.
  • Dufflebag
    • Bag: Past the jail to the right.
    • Tag: At the end of the laser tunnel.
  • Purse
    • Bag: Near the jail.
    • Tag: At the top of a tower past the jail.

Island Glitch

There is a glitch in Lungfishopolis that allows the player to return to the camp and the asylum after the Point of No Return (PONR), even during Meat Circus. Normally once you've reached the PONR, you cannot revisit the real world to collect remaining challenge markers, scavenger hunt items, or anything left behind. The glitch still works on the PC version as of 2020.


While in the Meat Circus, use the smelling salts to return to the Collective Unconscious and enter Lungfishopolis. Go to the towers where the airplanes used to circulate and where the freighters were docked. Climb the farther tower on the island, the tower closest to where the boats used to be docked. Turn to face Kochamara tower and jump off the skyscraper. Double jump to reach the island and PSI-Blast button continuously to launch yourself forward. Continue forward after the water arm has grabbed you and land on the island. This will likely take several attempts.

Once you reach the island, climb the tower to exit the level. The final cutscene in Lungfishopolis will play, however it is skip-able. After the cutscene, Raz will be returned to the Asylum gates and can use the Lungfish call to return to Whispering Rock.


Psychonauts - Return to the Camp After PONR (Point of no Return)

Video guide to the PONR glitch.


  • This level is largely based on the 1954 film Godzilla. Furthermore, the music on the level is extremely similar to the music played in the film when Godzilla rampages through Tokyo.
  • When the player returns to the level, the citizens tell Raz that they are moving to another city and that the city's going to be torn down, so it's perfectly fine for him to wreck the place.
  • If asked about a new plan, the pilot in the blimp says: "I have one. It's called: Turn Goggalor in for reward money."
  • In Lungfishopolis, Razputin is considered a large creature. He's too heavy to use Levitation (when attempting to use it, he states "I don't think that's gonna work"), the PSI-Punch's astral fist is a monstrous claw instead, and the Palm Bomb attack shows feet (if upgraded) instead of hands.
  • In this level, Raz gets pulled underwater when he lands in it two times instead of three like other levels.
  • Lungfishopolis and Gloria's Theater are the only mental worlds where the owner of the mind that contains it does not appear in Psychonauts.
  • One of the news headlines that appears on one of the television cutscenes is: "Goggalor, on drugs?"
  • When Razputin asks one of the resistance lungfish if he had seen a girl called Lili, and the lungfish replies that the government files might have information on his girlfriend. Razputin proceeds to get flustered and explains that Lili is technically not his girlfriend.
  • Officer O'lungfish, the Lungfish Zealot, and the hulking lungfish were voiced by David Kaye, who also voices Ford Cruller.
  • There is an Easter egg on the island with the planes (before you reach the radio tower). If you climb the building closest to the mountain near the ships, around 3-4 stories up and angle the camera in the right spot, you can find an image of one of the developer's girlfriends within the mountain.
  • Censors do not appear in Lungfishopolis because of Coach Oleander's interference.
  • One of the propaganda broadcasts announces that the rebels have been having a wild night on the town with "inexpensive call girls".


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