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Main Lodge

The Main Lodge is a location at the center of Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.

Old Psychopedia description

There is also lots of space outside for a young camper to explore, laced with bridges to cross and poles to climb and dubloons to dig up, but the odds are you’ll be too busy haranguing Ford for free vittles (in vain, I might add) to notice. So relax, and let the soothing sounds of feuding, prepubescent band members, an old man trying to cook, brainless kids muttering, Vernon droning, and something playing on TV take you away from your problems. There’s always a seat waiting in the lounge upstairs, and the burgers will be ready someday. You could go outside and try to save the world, I guess, but there’s a brain stealing fish out there and that’s scary.

–Doublefine Productions


The Lodge is at the heart of the camp, and lies between the Reception Area, Lake Oblongata, and the GPC and Wilderness. Chef Cruller is the split personality of Ford Cruller in this area.


With a certain amount of acrobatic skill, a nimble player can explore the roof of the building, with several loudspeakers connected via a series of tightropes. Hitting the loudspeakers will result in a message warning against vandalism.

Crystal and Clem gather on the roof to talk about "the project", a plan of theirs which may have involved committing suicide together. After completing Levitation, Chloe can be seen on the roof trying to extend the antenna's reach in order to send a message across space.

At night, Elka and Nils are standing where Kitty and Franke were at during the day holding hands and looking at the sky.


The lodge interior.

Within the lodge itself, the player can purchase items from Chef Cruller at the camp store. The player must come here and purchase a PSI Core to make a new PSI Challenge Marker. Also for sale are Dream Fluffs and a Cobweb Duster.

Quentin Hedgemouse and Phoebe Love can usually be found here, practicing with their band. Phoebe plays drums, while Quentin accompanies her with turntables, occasionally also providing vocals.

After Raz encounters the vision of Loboto in the Brain Tumbler Experiment, Dogen can be found in the TV room brainlessly watching television. Later, Kitty and Franke can also be found here, de-brained, accompanied by a perfectly healthy Vernon keeping them entertained with a story about a civil war.

Psychics Often Found Inside





  • The calendar hanging next to Chef Cruller displays the current month as December (a month with only 16 days), meaning either Psychonauts is set in winter despite Whispering Rock being a summer camp, Chef Cruller simply hadn't touched the calendar for that long, or December is actually a summer month in the western hemisphere of the world in Psychonauts.