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Melvin Sweetwind

Melvin Sweetwind, nicknamed Chops by his friends, is a ten-year-old psychic camper at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.


Chops has a green afro, orange skin, teal lips, and hazel eyes. He has four fingers on each hand. He wears the standard Whispering Rock T-shirt over a red undershirt. He also wears comfortable wool red pants and maroon sneakers.


Just cuz I'm good at psychic boxing does not mean I'm looking for a fight okay? I'm not a fighter. I'm a lover. I'm a picker, I'm a grinner, maybe. But not a fighter.


Chops is a laid back camper with an easy-going personality. He doesn't like fighting.


Hailing from Canada, Chops enjoys playing acoustic guitar with his best friend J.T. Hoofburger. Unfortunately, when J.T. starts dating Elka Doom, she keeps him away from Chops because she wants her boyfriend all to herself. Eventually both boys claim to join Phoebe and Quentin's band for a while to escape her, but never actually show up to any practice sessions.


Chops is first seen outside in the Kids' Cabins area, talking to J.T. and Elka. When Razputin goes to talk to them, they hurry off to Basic Braining, where they can be seen hanging onto one another on a trapeze before falling to their doom.

Later, Chops and J.T. are sitting on a tree trunk near the GPC, playing music together. They warn Razputin about the dangers of Sasha Nein's advanced training, but Raz ignores them. For most of the remainder of the game, Chops competes with Elka for J.T.'s attention.

After being re-brained, J.T. finally realizes he's been neglecting his best friend, and they start hanging out again. Luckily, Elka leaves them alone because she is back together with her ex-boyfriend, Nils. Chops and J.T. are among the very few campers that try to help Raz against Coach Oleander, but they do so by guarding the Kids' Cabins area at night, which doesn't do much good.

Psychic Powers[]


  • (using pyrokinesis) "Careful. My hair goes up in flames, and we're all goners!"
  • (using telekinesis) "What's this all about, eh?"
  • (show Mr. Pokeylope) "Better go put that little guy somewhere safe. There's a war on right now you know."


  • Using Clairvoyance, Chops sees Razputin as a hockey player, due to the stereotype of all Canadians loving hockey.
  • If they were to fight, Mikhail stated he would hit Chops over the back of the head when he turns to wave to the crowd.
  • Chops is one of the friendlier campers at Whispering Rock.
  • Chops originally had purple hair in concept art.
  • His Psycadet rank is Psychic Scout.
  • According to his old Myspace page, Chops' Zodiac Sign is Aries.