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When you let certain things sit in your mind, and do not think about them, the result is the same as in the real world. Cobwebs form, but mental cobwebs are much tougher and to get through them you need a Cobweb Duster.

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Mental Cobwebs are bright-purple colored cobwebs found in mental worlds that can only be removed using a Cobweb Duster. They form when an area of the mind isn't used for prolonged periods of time. Those with severe mental issues can have cobwebs so big that they block off larger portions of their mind and must be cleared to continue the level. Their counterpart in Psychonauts 2 are barriers.



The first cobweb is encountered in Basic Braining, where Coach Oleander tells Raz to steer clear of them at the moment, as they cannot be removed without a Cobweb Duster, an item available for purchase at the Camp Store. Once a Mental Cobweb has been extracted, Raz can travel to Ford's Sanctuary and use the loom to weave the web into a PSI-Card. The cobwebs that have been extracted will not return to its original location. Cobwebs block player progression from the Milkman Conspiracy onward, thus requiring Razputin to purchase the Cobweb Duster. There a total of 48 mental cobwebs in Psychonauts.


Basic Braining - 5 cobwebs

  1. Climb the top of the walls with the poles and punch through the wall at the top. The cobweb will be located behind the wall.
  2. Before the first trapeze, jump down to the right and turn around. The cobweb is located on the wall.
  3. After you cross the trapeze area, stop before you use the railing. Turn around and look down near the bottom of the large wall. The last cobweb is located in a crevice below. Jump down to get it.
  4. This cobweb is located directly after the rotating wooden planks.
  5. Located in a recess in the last area before the white room.

Brain Tumbler Experiment - 5 cobwebs

  1. In the area where the big monster was. The cobweb is behind a tree in the back.
  2. Reach to the top ledge and get swarmed by censors. Climb up until you see another ledge. Use the branches to swing to the pole. Jump off the pole and continue until you reach a large spire with netting on it. Swing to the spire and climb around to the back of it. Jump off the spire toward the mental cobweb.
  3. This cobweb is located off to the left against a wall after you get swarmed by the fourth bunch of censors.
  4. Go to the base of the thorn tower. The cobweb is behind a spire against the wall.
  5. Right before you reach the thorn tower, you should notice a levitation stone on the path. PSI float up to the large bathtub above. The mental cobweb is located inside the bathtub.

Sasha's Shooting Gallery - 5 cobwebs

  1. Next to the large bed under an arch block.
  2. On the opposite side of the bed, under another arch block.
  3. During the third leak, go around the back side of the large stack of boxes and you should see this web there.
  4. During the third leak, there is a cobweb halfway up the large stack of boxes.
  5. At the base of one of the fire steps on the fourth leak.

Milla's Dance Party - 5 cobwebs

The Lounge - 3 Cobwebs

  1. Use levitation to cross the large gap. Jump into the next gap in front of you and turn to the right. The cobweb is at the lower right corner.
  2. When you reach the large pinball room, turn around from the start. The web is posted against the wall.
  3. Stuck on the outer wall at the top of the pinball room.

The Party - 2 Cobwebs

  1. Directly under the grating at the start.
  2. In the last room, where there are numerous platforms around the outer edge with everybody dancing on them, jump down to the bottom of the room. This web is on the wall under the entrance platform.

Lungfishopolis - 5 cobwebs

  1. Behind a nearby tower after the second news flash.
  2. On the nearby wall to the right after the laser tunnel.
  3. The web is behind a silo on the top of the dam to the right.
  4. Behind a tower on the left side of the area near where the airplanes circle.
  5. On the right path next to the tower when the path splits above the dam.

The Milkman Conspiracy - 4 cobwebs

The Neighborhood - 3 Cobwebs

  1. This cobweb is blocking the front door to the third house.
  2. Past the sewer workers, there is a house on the left with the cobweb blocking the garage.
  3. There is a house just before you reach the door locked with the numpad. The cobweb is blocking the front door.
  4. Use clairvoyance on the spy at the post office to learn the door code. Once inside, the cobweb is in the next doorway.

Book Repository - 1 Cobweb

  1. This cobweb blocks the door to the book repository

Black Velvetopia - 7 cobwebs

  1. Use the guitar painting on the hook next to the Queen of Hearts. Climb up to reach this cobweb.
  2. After the Queen of Hearts, you'll reach the sewer. The cobweb is blocking one of it's hallways.
  3. In the sewers, follow the sidepath to find a web blocking the wall.
  4. After obtaining the Queen of Diamonds, return up to the ledge and follow it around to find a hook. Use the window painting to reach a new area, with the cobweb in the corner.
  5. Next to the fourth artist is a ladder, climb it to reach Dingo's apartment. This web is blocking the entrance.
  6. In the fireplace in Dingo's apartment.
  7. Go through the fireplace to reach the web at the end of the hallway.

Waterloo World - 7 cobwebs

  1. On the side of the large building near the farmer's house and the knight's, there is a path leading down. The cobweb is blocking the little alcove at the bottom of this path.
  2. On the side of the large guillotine.
  3. On the side of the carpenter's house.
  4. Levitate using the restaurant chimney to cross the river where you will find an arch structure. The web is underneath it.
  5. To the left of the castle bridge is a little room. This cobweb is blocking the entrance to it.
  6. Reach the roof of the room you took the previous cobweb from the entrance of. Then levitate jump over to the next roof, where you can find this cobweb blocking an entrance there.
  7. As soon as you reach the bridge of the castle, turn to the right and look up. You should see this cobweb just above a ladder.

Gloria's Theater - 7 cobwebs

  1. Underneath Jasper's seat.
  2. Underneath Jasper's seat.
  3. On the opposite side of the room from Jasper. Levitate and PSI float over to the high seats. The cobweb is on one of the seats.
  4. Behind the stage in the far corner behind some props.
  5. In Bonita's hallway behind the stage.
  6. In the storage room at the top of the ladder.
  7. In on a platform in the corner of the storage room. Drop down to this platform after obtaining the candle.

Meat Circus - 3 cobwebs

  1. In the first hallway inside the caravan.
  2. This cobweb is located in the same place at the first cobweb.
  3. Upon exiting the first tent, check the sides of the exit to find the last cobweb.



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