Go to the graveyard! Dig him up! Oh, you’ll find something all right, but it’s neither man nor milk.

Boyd Cooper

The Milkman Conspiracy is a mental world set in paranoid security guard Boyd Cooper's mind in Psychonauts. It is a twisted version of a normal suburban neighborhood, with mysterious faceless government agents called G-Men around every corner, constant whispering and eyes or cameras just about everywhere. There are also the Rainbow Squirts, suspicious girls that resemble Girl Scouts. 

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Gameplay Edit

In the later part of the game, Razputin reaches Thorney Towers, but Boyd, who was still trying to uncover the conspiracy, would not let him in, saying only the Milkman had the key.

Inside his mind, Raz has to disguise himself and get past the G-men, who are rather conspicuously trying to look for the Milkman, while the Rainbow Squirts are hiding his location from them. The Squirts are led by the Den Mother, who is the chief in hiding the Milkman from the outside world.

After defeating her, Raz wakes the Milkman, and is ejected from Boyd's mind. Boyd then switches his persona to that of the Milkman, and unlocks the gates. After this he is seen holding a Molotov cocktail, restraining himself from throwing it and burning down Thorney Towers.

Clairvoyance, the ability to see through the eyes of other living things, is an essential ability to have in The Milkman Conspiracy.

Trivia Edit

  • Various objects such as Trashcans and Mailboxes, seem to have an unknown creature or person inside of it, and will proceed to follow you around, talking to them will result in Raz asking "Hey, are you following me?"
  • Boyd does not have Censors in most parts of his mind, which might be part of his insanity, or it could mean that his mind is hardly able to suppress any unwanted thoughts. The G-Men, though twisted by Boyd's psychosis, are later revealed to be allied with the Censors, who are trying to remove the Milkman.
  • When the player reaches this mental world, it is mandatory to be at rank 20.
  • When the player enters Boyd's mind without Telekinesis, a sign pops up warning the player that they cannot get far in the level without that power.
    • Additionally, if the player does not have a mental cobweb duster, a sign will pop up warning the player that Boyd has some pretty bad mental cobwebs which can block important areas.
  • If the player attempts to use Pyrokinesis on the crow, it will disappear and the player will be unable to use Clairvoyance on the Crow Feather. If the player leaves Boyd's mind and comes back, the crow will reappear.


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