Go to the graveyard! Dig him up! Oh, you’ll find something all right, but it’s neither man nor milk.

Boyd Cooper

The Milkman Conspiracy is Boyd Cooper's mental world. It serves as a level in Psychonauts.


Once Raz arrives at the asylum, he is stopped by the locked gate at the entrance. Next to the gate is the security guard, Boy Cooper, who is busy writing conspiracy theories onto the stone walls. Raz asks the guard to open the gate so he save his friends, but Cooper dismisses him, saying, "The Milkman holds the key". Raz, curious on who the "Milkman" is, dives into Cooper's mind using his Psycho-Portal.

Twisted Roads

After Raz enters Boyd Cooper's mind, he is treated to a twisted version of a suburban neighborhood. Within it, various roads are split with houses down the middle. G-men and Rainbow Squirts populate the area.

Found Out

After overcoming the various obstacles of the G-Men, Raz encounters the Den Mother, the woman in charge of the Rainbow Squirts, and the Milkman's protector. The G-Men, with enlisted help from the remaining Censors, follow Raz to the Den Mother's hideout in hopes of exterminating the Milkman. Once they arrive, The Den Mother retreats into her basement for safety. Raz follows her into the basement and two battle.

Rise of the Milkman

After the Den Mother's defeat, the Milkman is awoken. A fight breaks out between the Milkman, the censors, and the G-men. The intense face-off knocks Raz out of Boyd's mind and back into the real world. The Milkman wins the fight and takes over Boyd Cooper's body. Both identities struggle for control as the Milkman tries to burn down the asylum.

Points of Interest

  • Boyd's House
  • Graveyard
  • Post Office
  • Book Depository
  • Den Mother's House


  • G-Men
  • Censors
  • Nightmare(s) (Boss)
  • Den Mother (Boss)


When navigating Raz through the Milkman Conspiracy, it is mandatory to have Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, and the Cobweb Duster. Raz must sneak past the G-Men who serve as obstacles throughout the course of the area. To disguise himself, Raz must get each item required to blend in with the appropriate disguises of the G-Men, or else he will be interrogated.



Emotional Baggage

  • Steamer trunk 
    • Bag: Behind the book repository.
    • Tag: Behind the house with the Rainbow Squirt selling cookies.
  • Suitcase
    • Bag: Inside the post office.
    • Tag: In the backyard of the house with the hedge clipper G-men.
  • Hatbox
    • Bag: Behind a cobweb in the garage of the house past the sewer workers. 
    • Tag: Slide across the powerlines near the first phone worker to reach a park. The tag is located on the island.
  • Dufflebag
    • Bag: Behind the graveyard, outside the fence.
    • Tag: Inside one of the houses near the sewer workers.
  • Purse
    • Bag: Inside the house guarded by the hedge clipper G-men.
    • Tag: On the roof of the house to the left of the Road Crew.


  • Various objects such as Trashcans and Mailboxes seem to have a creature or person inside. They will follow you around and take pictures of Raz using cameras. Talking to them will result in Raz asking, "Hey, are you following me?"
  • Boyd does not have Censors in most parts of his mind. Having almost no censors means he is not able to suppress unwanted thoughts. The G-Men, though twisted by Boyd's psychosis, are later revealed to be allied with the remaining censors.
  • If the player enters Boyd's mind without Telekinesis, a sign will pop up warning the player the level will not be completable without it.
    • Additionally, if the player does not have a mental cobweb duster, a sign will pop up warning the player that some areas will be inaccessible without it.
  • If the player attempts to use Pyrokinesis on the crow it will die. The player will be unable to use Clairvoyance on the Crow Feather to solve the maze puzzle. If the player leaves Boyd's mind and comes back, the crow will reappear.
  • The G-men use disguises to blend in with the neighborhood population, although no regular neighborhood residents can seen anywhere, save for the Rainbow Squirts.


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