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Milla Vodello

Do you want to talk about it?

–Milla to Raz about his fear of water.

Camilla "Milla" Vodello is a famous Brazilian Psychonaut agent partnered with Agent Nein. She is staffed at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp and is known for her Levitation prowess and psychedelic 1960's fashion sense. She is voiced by Alexis Lezin.


Milla is a tall woman with long brown hair, light brown skin, large eyelashes, and green eyes. Milla wears the same outfit in Psychonauts and Psychonauts and Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin: a red dress with circular patterns of red, orange, and yellow, white high-heeled boots, white gloves, and large earrings.

In Psychonauts 2, she wears a layered outfit composed of a striped pink and yellow skirt with a blue shawl. She also wears pink and blue hoop earrings and blue boots decorated with pink circle patterns.


The Mental Minx. International secret agent. Brazilian levitation instructor. Party girl. Wherever Milla goes, there seems to be an upbeat soundtrack. She loves working with children and worries about their safety. She teaches them how to use their thoughts to fly, float, and to keep bouncing.

–Character blurb from the original Psychonauts website.

Milla has a soft and caring demeanor with an upbeat attitude. She is very kind toward her colleagues, pupils, and even her enemies. She is a mother figure at Whispering Rock, and always does her best to keep the campers safe. She is also the one who called Raz's father to pick him up from camp, and initially forbade him from participating in camp activities without consent from his parents. Milla is also quite flirtatious and loves to party, which is reflected by her psychadelic outfits and love of disco.


Years ago, Camilla worked as a caretaker for children at an orphanage. However, for unexplained reasons it caught fire one day while she was out getting groceries. Upon returning, she witnessed the building burning down and, because of her telepathy, she heard the screams of the children as they burned alive in the fire. None of the children were saved. This traumatic event ended up scarring her for life, but she tried her best to hide this by adopting an overly cheery hippy persona.

Eventually, she joined the Psychonauts and was paired with Agent Sasha Nein. Upon meeting him, he mispronounced her name as "Ca-Mee-Yah", which she thought was cute and didn't have the heart to correct him. She eventually got used to the name, and started going by "Milla" for short. They went on extravagant missions together, such as saving the president, international espionage, and even defusing a nuclear bomb, and the two eventually developed feelings for each other. Eventually, Milla became a counselor at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp along with Sasha and Coach Oleander, where Sasha and Milla secretly took missions from Ford Cruller.

Li-Po backstory

The Li-Po backstory document offers extra backstory information on some characters in Psychonauts. It has not been stated canon by DoubleFine Productions.

Milla's backstory
Milla Vodello won't talk about her past. Those who know her now as the upbeat party girl around camp would never recognize the girl she was in her youth.

Hair up in a severe bun, the dedicated Nurse Vodello toiled for years in the pediatric ward of the poorest hospital of her equatorial homeland. She dedicated her life to the children, working day and night. Reading stories to the kids who couldn't sleep. Sleeping by the side of the children when they could.  She never went out. She didn't belong to any social scene. She had no friends outside of the hospital. The only time she was away from the ward is when she was out trying to find parents for the children who were orphans.

Returning from one of these missions one evening, she saw flames and smoke rising in the air over the site of the hospital. She ran all the way back to find it engulfed in flames. She broke past the line of firemen and charged into the hospital, but the flames in the children's ward were too high. She couldn't get through to save the children. She just fell to the floor and wept.

Perhaps it was the intensity of her emotions that caused a door to open in her mind, or else it was just a cruel trick of fate, but this exact moment is when Milla had her first psychic experience. She started hearing screams in her head. She thought she was just losing her mind. The voices were real, but not real. She recognized them. She could hear the terrified thoughts of the children caught in the fire. She covered her ears and screamed out loud, but she couldn't shut them out. She ran out of the hospital and down the street, and ran all the way to the next town before the voices stopped.

Milla couldn't stand her new gift. She couldn't take the thoughts in her head—it all reminded her of the children and their anguished cries. She tried to avoid contact with people, but in her populous country that was nearly impossible. The police eventually picked her up wandering down a deserted country road, all alone. She resisted them and put up such a fight that they took her to the local sanitarium.

The voices were even worse there--more numerous, more tortured. Her mental state fell into decline. They didn't know what to do with her there. They transferred her to a bigger and more high-security institution. And then another, and another. Finally, at a national hospital one of the doctors recognized her condition for what it was. He notified the one group he knew could help her—the Psychonauts.

The Psychonauts took her to one of their own facilities, and after a couple of weeks in a psychoisolation chamber, she began to heal. She had assigned to her a therapist who specialized in mental control: the famous research scientist Sasha Nein.

Although his personal style was a little aloof for most people, he was perfect for Milla because he could stop his own thoughts from entering her head. He taught her to have the same control over what she could hear, psychically.  She learned to shut out the voices when she wanted to, which was most of the time.

She also learned that she had other gifts. Although she refused to learn firestarting, she proved to be a powerful telekinetic and clairvoyant. But her specialty, it soon was discovered, was levitation. She began to spend much of her time in the air, and loved it. It seemed to lift her spirits as well as her body.

A new Milla began to develop. One not afraid of her psychic potential. She joined the Psychonauts, and threw herself into their fight against psychic terrorism with the same passion she once reserved for the children at the hospital.

Recognition, promotion, and fame soon followed, and Milla soon had a new life. She resolved to forget about everything that happened to her before the Psychonauts.

This is her first year at whispering Rock. She longed to work with children again, but wasn't sure if she could handle it. So far it's been good, but she is sometimes a little overprotective with the children. She has fought to keep firestarting from being taught at the camp. And at the nightly campfires, she is nowhere to be seen. Usually, she is off somewhere quiet, lost in her own thoughts. In her head is a non-stop party. A non-stop party is what she now believes life was meant to be. And by using music (and levitation) she always keeps the mood around her up, up, up!

For Milla, being a Psychonaut is all about helping other people. And not being alone.



Milla Vodello is first seen in the intro cinematic. She appears as one of the camp counselors in Whispering Rock Summer Camp. The next day, she is found with the other campers in Lake Oblongata on an artifical island near the docks, where she is teaching them levitation within her mental world. She awards Raz with his Levitation merit badge after he completes her courses.

After Raz finishes Sasha's Shooting Gallery, Milla and Sasha will disappear on "Official psychonauts business". If Raz visits Milla's Mind at this point, he will ask her: "Agent Vodello? Where are you?" To which Milla will reply that she was sitting at the docks when suddenly everything went black. She also asks Raz to give her body a shake when he finds her. The player is allowed to go through the level normally, collecting any Figments, Vaults and Mental cobwebs left.

Later in the game, Raz will discover that Sasha and Milla's brains have been stolen by Dr. Loboto. He can find Milla, Sasha, and Lili locked at the top of Thorney Towers, and must free them to progress the story.

Milla accompanies the other psychonauts on the jet in search of Truman Zanotto.

Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin

Directly after the ending of Psychonauts, Milla helps pilot the jet heading to the Rhombus Of Ruin. After crashing and landing in the Rhombus, Milla found in a broken down school bus under the influence psilirium poisoning. Her hallucination consists of her trying to save children from a speeding train, the children actually being fishmen scientists. Raz frees her from her hallucination by playing her dance party song on the bus radio. Milla escapes the secret laboratory with the other psychonauts after rescuing Truman Zanotto.

Psychonauts 2

After the crew arrives at the Motherlobe, Milla goes to her meditation chamber to search the Worldwide Psychic Network for traces of Delugionist activity. She later joins the interns and Hollis on the casino mission to the Lady Luctopus Casino. After the mission, she returns to searching the Worldwide Psychic Network. Later, she goes with the rest of the major Psychonauts figureheads to confront Nick, but is caught in Maligula's water vortex, along with the rest of the figureheads. After Maligula's defeat, she can be found relaxing with Sasha in the Astral Lanes Bowling Alley. They talk about getting ready to head back to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.


Razputin Aquato

Razputin Aquato is Milla's pupil. She is protective towards Raz and sees him as someone needing protection. But in the second game, she sees him as a party dancer.

Coach Oleander

Coach Oleander is Milla's colleague. Milla is also one of the few people to refer to him using his first name rather than a nickname or last name. Milla feels sympathy for Oleander during his outbursts and despite his attempt at world domination.

Sasha Nein

Sasha is Milla's colleague and love interest. They have gone on exciting adventures together throughout their psychonaut missions - such as defusing a nuclear bomb, catching criminals, and even rescuing the president's brain. Milla cares about how he views her and maintains in constant telepathic connection with him.

Lili Zanotto

Lili Is Milla's pupil. Throughout the series, Milla has provided Lili with advice and support. She respects Lili's psychic abilities.

Hollis Forsythe

Hollis is Milla's colleague and supervisor. Milla shows a great deal of respect for Hollis' leadership, judgement, and expertise as an agent.

The Campers

Milla is very protective over the campers at Whispering Rock. She is always willing to talk through their problems and help them when needed.

Milla's Mind

Main article: Milla's Dance Party

Milla's mind is a lively disco party. Students at Whispering Rock are encouraged to refine their Levitation skills in her mental world.

Psychic Abilities

  • Levitation: The power she is best known for at Whispering Rock. This is her specialty psychic power.
  • Marksmanship: She is seen using it against Oleander. Her PSI blast color is pink.
  • Shield: She uses this to protect Raz and Lili from Coach Oleander towards the end of Psychonauts.
  • Telepathy: She is able to telepathically communicate with Raz in Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. She was also able to telepathically hear the screams of her dying children from inside the burning building.
  • Mind reading: She is able to read Raz's thoughts in Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin.
  • Telekinesis: She uses telekinesis to list Raz and Lili away from Coach Oleander towards the end of Psychonauts.
  • Astral Projection: Milla can astral project into minds using a psycho portal or a brain tumbler.


  • In the original Psychonauts game, using Clairvoyance on Milla reveals that she sees Razputin as a baby to be protected. In Psychonauts 2, using Clairvoyance on her reveals she sees Raz as a disco dancer, signifying that she's realized how much he's grown up yet, at the same time, sees him as someone to have fun and party with. This version of Raz also resembles Austin Powers, a quirky but successful movie spy.
  • As a result of her losing all her adopted children to a fire she feels she could have prevented, she has developed nightmares.
  • Milla discovered her psychic powers in early adulthood.
  • Using pyrokinesis on her reveals that her dress is made of polyester.
  • She is the only female instructor at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.
  • Milla drives a fancy red car.
  • According to one of the Double Fine live streams, Sasha and Milla carpooled together to Whispering Rock.
  • According to Hollis, Milla enjoys the taste of cilantro. She is apparently quite passionate about the chimichurri at the Motherlobe's cafeteria being made with fresh cilantro.
  • While in her office, Raz can ask her how Milla's name is pronounced. She will tell him that, when she first met Sasha, he mispronounced her name as MEE-yuh. Milla thought it was cute so she kept it.

Unused Dialogue

Milla has a fair amount of unused dialogue in Psychonauts.