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Man, you guys really like puns.

– Raz, referring to the Motherlobe's name in response to Ford Cruller.

The Motherlobe is the headquarters of the Psychonauts organization. The building is shaped like a large brain. The interior is spacious and has various indoor atriums. ThinkerPrints are used in place of keycards to allow Psychonauts entry into restricted areas. Otto-Mattic machines can also be found throughout the Motherlobe.


The Motherlobe interior.

The Motherlobe was constructed as the main headquarters for the Psychonauts organization. More information will be added upon the release of Psychonauts 2.



Former Staff

Nonspecific Residents

Sub Locations

Map of the Motherlobe.


Main article: Lobby

The Lobby of the Motherlobe. It is managed by the receptionist.

Nerve Center

Main article: Nerve Center

The command room of the Motherlobe. The Nerve Center houses a large window with a view of the outside wilderness and main hub. The interior has a large table projecting a hologram of a brain. There area several monitors attached to the walls near the window, with control terminals nearby said monitors.

Office of the Grand Head

Main article: Office of the Grand Head

The office of Truman Zanotto, the grand head of the Psychonauts.

Office of the Second Head

Main article: Office of the Second Head

The office of Hollis Forsythe, the second in command at the Psychonauts.


Main article: Aquarium

The aquarium is an area host to many species of fish.

Milla's Meditation Chamber

Main article: Milla's Meditation Chamber

Milla's office.

Sasha's Office

Main article: Sasha's office

Sasha's office.

Mail Room

Main article: Mail Room

The mail room is where the Psychonauts process all their incoming and outgoing mail. It was previously staffed by Ford Cruller, but is now run by Nick Johnsmith.

Levitation Lounge

Main article: Levitation Lounge

A place where levitators can hang out.

Storage Room

Main article: Storage room

An off-limits storage room. Interns are not typically allowed inside.

Cruller's Cuts

Main article: Cruller's Cuts

An area for Psychonauts to get their hair cut. It was previously run by Ford Cruller.

Astral Lanes Bowling Alley

Main article: Astral Lanes Bowling Alley

An area for Psychonauts to go bowling. It was previously run by Ford Cruller.


Main article: Classroom

The classroom is where interns learn how to use their PSI powers. It is managed by Hollis Forsythe.

Noodle Bowl

Main article: Noodle Bowl

The Noodle Bowl is a noodle restaurant.


Restrooms. Raz can change his outfits here.

Otto-Matic Workshop

Main article: Otto-Matic Workshop

Otto's workshop serves as a laboratory for Otto Mentallis.

Hall of Brains

Main article: Hall of Brains

The Hall of Brains is a storage area for thousands of human brains.


  • The name "Motherlobe" is a pun on the word "motherload" or "motherlode", typically referring to a mine or quarry containing a large amount and concentration of precious and valuable materials. This is a reference to the Motherlobe being built in the Quarry, which was the site of a massive psitanium deposit.
  • The same wanted men that appear on TV screens Ford's sanctuary and in the Milkman Conspiracy also appear on TV screens in the Motherlobe.
  • Instead of elevators, Psychics get around by using levitation inside drafted tubes.
  • Some of the Psychonauts at the Motherlobe are simply re-colors of each other.
  • In french, the Motherlobe is called "Mégalobe".
  • At the start of the game, Lucrecia's carved portrait is obscured by a curtain. The curtain is removed at the end of the game. The Psychonauts history exhibit is also updated to display the true history of the organization, and the Psychic Six are renamed to the Psychic Seven.
  • According to Helmut(in Nick's body)(after beating Bob's Bottles), there was a time when the Motherlobe didn't have a mailroom.


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