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Huh. I thought the inside of an eyeball would be... goopier?


PSI-King's Sensorium is a mental world in Psychonauts 2. It is Helmut Fullbear's mental world.

Psychonauts 2

Raz finds a brain that has been stuck in a jar since the 1960s. Upon entering it using his Psycho-Portal, he finds mostly darkness inside, as the brain's owner has been deprived of his senses for around 20 years and lost his identity and most of his memories of the outside world because of the complete lack of stimulation. All that remains in this mind initially are some wispy silhouettes representing a distant memory, and the Mote of Light, the representation of the mind's owner.

When Raz finds a way to reconnect this mind to his senses, the dark void he started in—which turns out to have been the inside of a Memory Vault—opens up to reveal a wildly colorful psychedelic music festival as the mind's owner is flooded with sensory information and all the memories they bring back. Vision Quest, a representation of the mind's sense of vision, is attempting to set up a concert to a rowdy crowd of abstract people, eyes, ears, and noses. Raz and the Mote of Light proceed to journey around the newly-created Sensorium together, to try and reunite the lost senses as a band and recover their instruments so that they can give their performance and the mind's owner can fully regain his lost memories and identity. Along the way, the Mote of Light occasionally gets so overwhelmed by all the sensations that he falls prey to Panic Attacks, which Raz must defeat to progress.

This is also the level where Raz learns the ability Time Bubble, allowing him to slow down fast moving obstacles and enemies throughout this mindscape.

The Feel Mobile

The "Feel Mobile" is a vehicle in the level that resembles a Volkswagen van. It can be used to travel between different areas of the Sensorium by physically driving there on a map of the area.

Points of Interest

  • Backstage
  • Woods
  • Concessions
  • Eye Shrine
  • Ear Hand Shrine
  • Nose Mouth Shrine



There are 263 figments in PSI King's Sensorium.

Emotional Baggage


  • Bag: Located in Concessions, when reaching an area with spinning stars jump down to the floor and head right to find the bag in a dead-end.
  • Tag: Located Backstage on top of a trailer.


  • Bag: Located after the second light bridge in the Eye Shrine, after getting off the bridge go straight past the second healing bulb and then to the right, around a large stack of equipment. The bag is found inside this stack of equipment.
  • Tag: Found immediately to the right of where Raz spawns when entering Concessions with the Feel Mobile

Steamer Trunk

  • Bag: Found in the Ear Hand Shrine on top of the mountain, on the right before the light bridge.
  • Tag: Located in the Nose Mouth Shrine, after slowing down two fish to cross over a lake the tag is on the path in front of Raz that leads to a large platform.


  • Bag: Located near the beginning of the Woods, follow the path upwards and take the first left. The bag is sitting with some tents.
  • Tag: Located after the second light bridge in the Eye Shrine on the path towards the spotlight that activates the third light bridge. After the third fan, burn down the "A Feast for the Senses" poster to reveal the tag.


  • Bag: Found Backstage underneath the main stage on top of a wooden box.
  • Tag: In the Woods, climb up the mountain until you reach the first log. Go around the right side of the mountain after this log to find the tag.

Memory Vaults

  • Helmut's Hail Mary - Located in the Concessions area near the beginning of the section behind a wooden gate that requires the Projection ability to open.
  • Ford Forgets - Located in the Eye Shrine area behind one of the light towers, past two rotating fans and within a wooden gate that requires the Projection ability to open.


  1. Located Backstage in the same area as the Suitcase, burn a poster to reveal another path towards this Half-A-Mind.
  2. Found in the Eye Shrine, after the first light bridge, on a wooden platform directly beneath a spinning fan.
  3. Found in the Woods, at the top of the mountain use Time Bubble on a falling log to jump across a gap towards this Half-A-Mind.
  4. Located at the end of the Nose Mouth Shrine, use the spotlight on the platform with the instruments onto the prism below to create an optional light bridge leading to this Half-A-Mind.

Nuggets of Wisdom

The Nuggets of Wisdom in this mind are shaped like handheld microphones.

  1. Located in the Eye Shrine after the first light bridge, slow down two spinning stars to platform up to the Nugget.
  2. Located in the Nose Mouth Shrine after the first light bridge, slow down the two tongues and use a trampoline to jump on top of the second tongue where the Nugget is sitting.
  3. Found in the Ear Hand Shrine at the beginning of this area. Use the spotlight on the mountain to create a light bridge towards the island with the Nugget.



  • The Mote's mental world is heavily influenced by his synesthesia - a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory pathway. A mental world affected by synesthesia was previously considered for Psychonauts, however the idea was thought too challenging to implement at the time[1].
  • A notable challenge the developers faced when developing this level was making it accessible to colorblind players. The colorblindness setting in the options menu uses some of the vegetation from this level to demonstrate what the different settings will look like in-game.
  • The level takes inspiration from "the Peter Max-inspired Yellow Submarine as well as the work of Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky and even some old cartoons like the Looney Tunes."[2]
  • Both Vaults in the level are able to be sequence-broken with the AOE upgrade for Pyrokinesis, eliminating the need for Projection, though their reception to such a move may be fixed in a patch.
  • The enormous statues of the Senses that hold their instruments each had 6 arms in many of the promotional images and trailers before release, but have only 2 arms in the final game.
  • The subtitles for one of the tongue twisters Raz says into the stage mics is wrong. The subtitles say "Are you copper-bottoming them, my man? No, I'm aluminiuming them, man!" where Raz actually says "Are you copper-bottoming them, my man? No, I'm aluminiuming them, my man.".
    • However, both of these are wrong. The actual tongue twister is "Are you copper-bottoming 'em, my man? No, I'm aluminiuming 'em, mum."
  • PSI-King's Sensorium and Black Velvetopia are the only two mental worlds in which Raz's textures change to match the mental world's style.


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