The PSI-Popper in Black Velvetopia.

PSI-Popper Generator, otherwise known as Oatmeal or simply "Teleport bug", is an odd little creature found rooted to the ground in most mental worlds in Psychonauts. Their primary use is producing PSI-poppers, balloon-like vessels that can quickly transport Razputin from one corner of the mind to the next, or back to the Collective Unconscious.


PSI-popper generators appear to originate from the Collective Unconscious, being present in most minds. They serve only one purpose: transporting Razputin quickly and efficiently from one location to another one. To do this, they blow a balloon-like bubble of an unidentified green substance around Raz, and then pull him into their trunk and transfer them to another generator posted somewhere else in the mindscape, or straight back to the Collective Unconscious. They cannot send Raz to parts of the mind he has not yet visited.

The first generator Raz encounters is in Basic Braining, right before coming to the concrete bunker-gun.

Some minds do not contain any Oatmeals at all, due to the world not being expansive enough to need quick transportation. Sasha's Shooting Gallery, Lungfishopolis, and Waterloo World do not contain a PSI-popper generator.


  • Using Clairvoyance, the PSI-popper generator sees Razputin as a parcel that needs to be delivered.
  • The creature is never actually named in-game, but concept art refers to it as PSI-popper generator, and in the game's files, 'Oatmeal' is used for files pertaining to it.