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This article features content that will be introduced or featured in Psychonauts 2 announced for release on August 25th, 2021. As such, this may refer to content that may be changed or removed in the to be released version of the game.

Some of the old markers have fallen apart. You'll find bits of 'em flapping around loose.

–Ford Cruller

Sometimes you'll find bits of old PSI Challenge Markers flappin' around. If you bring a bunch to the OTTO-MATTIC, you can combine it with a CORE to gain a whole rank!

Psychonauts 2 description

PSI Cards are collectibles scattered outside the mental world. Gathering nine of them and combining them with a PSI Core will produce a PSI Challenge Marker, which increases the Raz's PSI Cadet Rank by one.

Old Psychopedia description

PSI Challenge Markers used to be abundant in Whispering Rock, but after a while the fell apart into their original form, PSI Cards and PSI Cores. Raz finds PSI Cards nearly everywhere in his journeys. From in the camp where they belong , to the Insane Asylum]] across the lake. He even finds them in people’s minds in the form of mental cobwebs. He can return them to a challenge marker by purchasing a PSI Core from the camp store, and using a machine in Fords Sanctuary.


These items can be found outside the mental world, from Whispering Rock Summer Camp to the upper floors of Thorney Towers. PSI Cards can be combined with PSI Cores (bought at the camp store) in Ford's sanctuary to produce PSI Challenge Markers. PSI Cards can also be redeemed by the Fortune Teller in the Meat Circus.

Psychonauts 2



  • Judging from the symbols on the front, PSI Cards appear to be real life Zener Cards, cards used to conduct experiments on extra-sensory perception (Clairvoyance).
  • Loose PSI Cards always have a star symbol on the front, but the ones floating around PSI Challenge Markers have various designs.
  • There are 117 cards floating around in Psychonauts. This is enough cards to level up Raz 13 ranks.