“Some of the old markers have fallen apart. You'll find bits of 'em flapping around loose.” — Ford Cruller
PSI Card

PSI Cards are collectibles scattered all around the real world in Psychonauts, from Whispering Rock to the Upper Floors of Thorney Towers. Gathering nine of them and combining them with a PSI Core (available at the Camp store in the Main Lodge) at the bottom of the main room in Ford's Sanctuary grants Razputin a PSI Challenge Marker, which in turn increases the players PSI Cadet Rank by one. These items can also be redeemed by the Fortune Teller.


  • Judging from the symbols on the front, PSI Cards appear to be Zener Cards, cards used to conduct experiments on extra-sensory perception (Clairvoyance).
  • Loose PSI Cards always have a star symbol on the front, but the ones floating around PSI Challenge Markers have various designs.
  • There are 117 cards floating around the game world.