Now, you take that PSI Core there, and put it together with nine PSI Cards, and you'll have yourself a brand new PSI Challenge Marker, which is worth a whole rank ya know!

–Chef Cruller

A PSI Core is an item that can only be acquired by purchasing it at the camp store in the Main Lodge at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp in Psychonauts. They cost 10 arrowheads. Combining them with nine PSI Cards, which are found floating all over the real world, allows a camper such as Razputin to cash in the combined PSI Challenge Marker, which increases his PSI Cadet Rank by one level. The place Raz needs to go to mix these with the PSI cards and get a rank is Ford's Sanctuary. Razputin can travel there using the fast travel underground mine carts scattered around the overworld.

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