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Ford Cruller

The PSI Energy Colorizer is an item in Psychonauts. It can be purchased at the Camp Store in the Main Lodge for 250 arrowheads. It is not required to complete the game.

The Colorizer allows Razputin to change the color of his Levitation Ball and other powers by summoning Ford Cruller with the Bacon and asking him to do it for him. A wide variety of colors are available for selection.


  • In the camp store, Chef Cruller states PSI-powers were all grey back when he was young. It's likely he's joking, as Raz would have had no way to access a PSI energy colorizer before reaching Whispering Rock, and his PSI-color by default is a bright orange.
  • Other powers that change when Razputin chooses a color is the Shield's protection aura and the inventory page where he stores your PSI Cadet merit badges.
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