Raz facing a Personal Demon.

Personal Demons are common enemies in the mental worlds, often appearing by the side of other enemies, such as the Censors.

Their attacking style consists of running up to Raz and proceeding to blow up. Never hit them up close. The best way to deal with them is to PSI Blast them from a distance.


  • Personal Demons are the only enemy in the game that Ford Cruller does not describe to Raz.
  • At the end cutscene, the Coach blames his behavior on "Personal Demons". This may be a joke.
  • Using Clairvoyance on a Personal Demon shows Raz as a target.
  • These demonic creatures appear during the battles against the Nightmares and will attempt to restore the bosses' health. Using Telekinesis to toss one in the mouth of the Nightmare will result in it shriveling up.
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