The Psycho-Portal.

A Psycho-Portal is a special device used by Psychonauts in Psychonauts that allows Razputin to enter mental worlds within the minds of different characters. Using the portal puts both the user and the target into a hypnotic trance while the psychonaut's mind is inside the target's mind.


The first Psycho-portal seen in the game is Coach Oleander's, when Raz is pulled into Basic Braining. Later Sasha's and Milla's portals are also seen, at the start of their respective mental worlds.

At the end of the Brain Tumbler Experiment, Sasha leaves the lab in a hurry, mentioning 'official Psychonauts business'. However, he leaves his Psycho-Portal behind, and Razputin pockets it, just in case. Throughout the game, it can be used on multiple characters, allowing entry into their minds. Whilst some minds cannot be entered, using it on these characters will yield some unique dialogue.


  • There are four adults in the game whose minds Razputin cannot enter: Ford Cruller (he rejects the portal), Crispin Whytehead (he has a mental block set up by Dr. Loboto), Loboto himself (The portal bounces off his shower cap), and Sheegor.
  • The Psycho-Portal contains a built-in block that makes it impossible to enter the campers' minds, due to a law protecting underage minds. If the player tried to use it on a camper, Raz will say "Darn" and the following text is displayed: "In accordance with Section 3, Paragraph 1 of the "Young Minds Protection Act," any device created for the purpose of invasive psychic procedure must have built-in safeguards which make its use upon anyone under the age of eighteen (18) impossible."



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