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Mtv2 has this thing called “Sharts” which we hope stands for “Short Art” and not the other thing it sounds like. They asked Double Fine to submit something and so we made them these four short pieces depicting life at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. After Raz and Lili fly off in jet, but before the other kids’ parents come to pick them up, there is a brief period where Linda and the kids get to hang out and relax, but nobody ever got to see it.

We have no idea if these ever showed up on Mtv2. We were too lazy to look. But now they are here, for you to enjoy!

–Official description

The Psychonauts MTV2 Shorts were short promotional videos created by DoubleFine for the MTV2 tv channel. Some of the shorts take place during or right after the events of Psychonauts. Four of the shorts show Linda interacting with the Whispering Rock campers.