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Reception Area

The Reception Area is an area found in Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp in Psychonauts. It is where the camp's main campfire is located, as well as where "Janitor" Cruller can be found outside of his trailer home. Of particular note is that the area surrounding the main campfire is lit by seven torches bearing carved likenesses of the Psychic Six, though one of the torches, depicting Ford Cruller, is broken and his name is unreadable.


The reception area is first seen in the opening cutscene of the game. Coach Oleander gives a presentation to the Whispering Rock campers to kick off the summer camp and introduce Sasha Nein and Milla Vodello. Just then, Raz appears, having snuck into the camp in hopes of receiving training to become a Psychonaut. Raz briefly causes a panic among the campers, but is apprehended by the camp counselors. His determination does convince Oleander to let him stay at least temporarily.

Psychonauts 2

The reception area makes another appearance in Psychonauts 2, as the first thing Raz encounters in Ford Cruller's mind is a mental version of the campfire area, surrounded by dense woods and fences that make it impossible to revisit the rest of the camp. An opening in a large tree in the area leads directly to a lake with a canoe. This mental campfire area has no collectibles.


PSI Challenge Markers

  • In an indent cave at the end of the broken railings.

PSI Cards

  • TBA

Scavenger Hunt Items


  • Bob Zanotto's name is misspelled as "Bob Zanatto" on the torch bearing his portrait.
  • Ford Cruller's torch is unreadable in Psychonauts, as the log it's carved out of itself was broken. A backer-exclusive trailer released a few days before the release of Psychonauts 2 reveals that it was broken by Ford himself during a fit of emotional turmoil, and that he prefers to keep it that way in light of what happened in the past.[1]
  • If the player presses the interact/use button while standing on the campfire's stage in Psychonauts, Razputin will recite Coach Oleander's entire speech from the intro of the game.
  • In Psychonauts 2, Razputin mentions that Ford Cruller himself was the one who carved the portraits of the Psychic Six in the torches.