Sheegor is a strange, easily frightened woman who lives in Thorney Towers in Psychonauts, and reluctantly serves as Dr. Loboto's assistant.

Quite contrary to her "employer", she does not wish anyone any harm at all, and in fact only does his bidding because he has her beloved turtle, Mr. Pokeylope, hostage, and he threatens to cook him into soup if she does not cooperate.


When Razputin gets to the upper floors of the Asylum, he often sees something stare at him from around a corner, only to disappear with a small shriek when he gets too close.

The identity of this odd person is revealed when Razputin reaches the very top: it is Loboto's assistant Sheegor, who warns him not to go any further "or he'd be very, very sorry". Despite appearing frightening, Sheegor was in fact trying to protect him from her sadistic boss.

Razputin obviously goes on, having ignored more serious warnings than hers, and eavesdrops on a conversation between Sheegor and Loboto. Sheegor refuses to bring the dentist any more brains, but Loboto forces her into submission by threatening to cook Mr. Pokeylope. A hysterical Sheegor then flees to her quarters, where Lili and the bodies of Sasha and Milla are held captive. Razputin decides to rescue the turtle before taking any further steps, and does so by luring him out with a slice of chocolate Birthday Cake. It then turns out Mr. Pokeylope is fully sapient, and also very intelligent, hatching a plan to defeat Loboto within seconds of being brought back to Sheegor.

Later, after Sasha and Milla have been rebrained, Sasha drops a hint about being able to use a competent assistant with extensive knowledge of brains, referring to Sheegor. Sheegor herself appears awestruck at this idea.

After the destruction of the asylum, Sheegor managed to escape with Mr. Pokeylope. She is seen happily enjoying the reunion of Pokeylope and Linda in a bonus cutscene obtained at PSI Cadet Rank 100.


  • Sheegor is one of the few adults the Psycho-Portal does not work on. It simply bounces back, as it does with Loboto, though no explanation is provided as to why.
    • The most likely explanation is that the same rule as with Crispin applies to her as well: Loboto has put up some sort of psychic safeguard to protect his important "employees" from getting their minds invaded.
  • Using Clairvoyance on her reveals her seeing Razputin as a saintlike savior, complete with halo.