Shield badge

The Shield merit badge.

“We stole this shield power module from Kochamara. It's too big for any of us to operate, but it should work for you.” — Lungfish Zealot

Shielding is a psychic power which Razputin Aquato learns after gaining the Shield merit badge from a Lungfish Zealot in Lungfishopolis in Psychonauts. While active, Razputin will crouch down and envelop himself in a bright orange netted sphere, blocking all damage for a few seconds.

This power runs on a recharging timer; when in use, the color in the merit badge will drain until empty, at which it deactivates automatically. When not in use, the merit badge will slowly refill until it reaches complete color once more, whereupon a small sound will play, notifying that the power can be used once again.

Story Edit


Raz shielding himself against Kochamara.

The Shield is a key component in Lungfishopolis, as it blocks all damage from all Tanks. It was also used in the battle with Kochamara to reflect an attack back at him and to block his unavoidable abilities. 

The Shield must be used to reach the book depository without getting shot by the Rainbow Squirt in the Milkman Conspiracy.

It is also helpful in the battles with the Luchadores in Black Velvetopia, as their pouncing attacks are negated by the Shield.

Outside of gameplay, Razputin is shown using the shield to protect Lili when Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed is destroyed.

Upgrades Edit


Raz using his shielding power.

At PSI Cadet Rank 55, Raz gains the Offensive Shield upgrade, which pushes enemies back when they attempt to use a melee attack on Raz. At Rank 80, Raz gains the Ferocious Aura upgrade, which in addition to pushing enemies back also causes damage.


  • There is a split second when activating this power before it will block Razputin from taking damage. Time attacks and protection accordingly.
  • It's best not to let the shield drain completely, as if this happens, the recharge time will be extended slightly and it will be disabled for a couple seconds.