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Telekinesis is a psychic power obtained by Razputin Aquato in Psychonauts by obtaining the merit badge at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.


Razputin learns this when his PSI Cadet rank reaches 20. This skill allows Raz to lift objects and throw them with his mind. When using this, Raz grasps the object with a mental hand, and then throws it in any direction. The Bears use this to attack Raz. It is first required in the Milkman Conspiracy as it is required to fight off the Nightmares that lurk in Boyd Cooper's mind.

At PSI Cadet Rank 65, Raz gains the upgrade TK Extension, which increases his throwing range.


  • It is good for picking up smaller bad guys and throwing them away from you, into other baddies or into much bigger objects.
  • It is also helpful for throwing objects into bad guys.
  • Good for reaching objects that are otherwise just out of reach.

Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin

Razputin can use telekinesis to lift objects in Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. Unlike in Psychonauts and Psychonauts 2, Raz doesn't use a psychic hand to lift objects.

Psychonauts 2

In a video for Psychonauts 2 Raz was shown using Telekinesis on Sasha Nein. When used it drained part of a purple HUD gauge, suggesting that psychic energy is required to use the ability. The developers said that he can no longer move NPCs with this ability.

Effects on characters (Psychonauts)

Evil Augustus

Raz cannot lift Evil Augustus.

Becky Houndstooth

"Hey, I only let my Chiropractor do this. Do you have a licence?"

"Put me down!"

Bonita Soleil

Raz cannot lift Bonita.

Boyd Cooper

(Before the Milkman Conspiracy): "Ah! They've come for me! They're taking me away!"

(After the Milkman Conspiracy): "Nothing can distract me from my mission. I will not rest until I've delivered the milk."


Benny "The Nose" Fidelo: "Lemme down! Lemme down! Yow!"

Bobby Zilch: "Oh, that was your fatal mistake. I hope you have a will."

Chloe Barge: "Finally! I'm being TAKEN! They've finally come for me! Hey! It's just you. PUT ME DOWN!"

Clem Foote: "Haha! Yay! Raz learned Telekinesis! Right on!"

Melvinv "Chops" Sweetwind: "What's this all about, eh?"

Crystal Flowers Snagrash: "Wow, you're really good at Telekinesis. Raz! That's awesome!"

Dogen Boole: "I'm not supposed to get wild at camp!"

Elka Doom: "Hey! Grow up, Razputin!"

Elton Fir: "Okay, I really don't like being up this high."

Franke Athens: "Put me down or Kitty's dad will sue your whole family!"

James "J.T." Hoofburger: "Put me down partner or I'll show you what a good shot I am!"

Kitty Bubai: "Hey, put me down or my dad will sue your whole family!"

Lili Zanotto: "I'm going to be quiet and hope that you just go away."

Maloof Canola: "What are you trying to prove, Raz?" 

Mikhail Bulgakov: "Hm. Thanks for the boost. But no, still cant see no bears from up here."

Milka Phage: "Grrrr!"

Nils Lutefisk: "Drop me or I will drop you!"

Phoebe Love: "Hey! Rrrrr! Enough! Put me down!"

Quentin Hedgemouse: "Hey, free airplanes rides today!"

Vernon Tripe: "Hey, put me down!"

Coach Oleander

"What the-- ha! That's some mind you got there kid. If you want to keep it, I suggest you put me down."

Little Oly: TBA

Crispin Whytehead

Raz cannot lift Crispin.

Dingo Inflagrante


Dr. Caligosto Loboto

Raz cannot lift Dr. Loboto in the first Psychonauts game.

Dog Painters


Den Mother

Raz cannot lift the Den Mother.

Edgar Teglee

"Nobody lifts Edgar Teglee!"

Ford Cruller

(Psychonaut Cruller): "Very Nice. Now set me down easy and go pick up something that won't blow up your head if you make it mad."

(Admiral Cruller): "Okay, that's funny. NOW PUT ME DOWN."

(Chef Cruller): "Okay, that's funny. NOW PUT ME DOWN."

(Ranger Cruller): "Okay, that's funny. NOW PUT ME DOWN."

(Janitor Cruller): "Okay, that's funny. NOW PUT ME DOWN."

Fred Bonaparte

(Before Waterloo World): "Oh no. Whats this? A secret weapon?"

(During Waterloo World): "Not me. You're supposed to me moving the pieces around."

(After Waterloo World): "Hey Raz. Dyou mind? I'm trying to work out a reverse Carpenter's Gambit here..."

French Soldiers

(Napoleon): "Hey! Don't touch my pieces! That is cheating!"

Gloria Von Gouton

"Oooh, now I know this isn't supposed to happen."


"Why don't you come in here and do that, tough guy?"

Milla Vodello

"I was already floating Razputin. That's hardly a challenge."

Jasper Rolls

Raz cannot lift Jasper.

Linda the Lungfish

Raz cannot lift Linda.

Napoleon Bonaparte

"I am not short but you should know for future reference that short people do not enjoy being lifted up as if they were children. I am an Emperor! I am King!"


Raz cannot lift oatmeal.

Rainbow Squirts

"Let me down or I'll scream for the police!"

Stage Actors

Flower Girls (friendly): "Weee! Yay! Ha ha ha!"

Flower Girls (aggressive): "Ahhhh!"

Dogs: "Ruff! Yay! We're going for a ride! Ruff!"

Feral Hounds: "Grrrr. Grrr"

Sasha Nein

"Impressive. Now release."

(inside his mind) "Enough!"



The Butcher

Raz cannot lift the Butcher.

Effects on characters (Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin)

Dr. Caligosto Loboto

"Stop that at once, you bad little boy! It's unnatural!"

Fish Guards


Lili Zanotto


Coach Oleander


Sasha Nein


Milla Vodello



  • In Lungfishopolis, Razputin's mental hand appears as a claw, because the Lungfish Citizens view him as a monster.
  • Most characters dislike being involuntarily lifted by Telekinesis.



Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

Psychonauts 2

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