Don't run, or else daddy's gonna kill ya!

–The Butcher

The Butcher / Meat Man is a boss in the last level of Psychonauts, the Meat Circus. Of Psychonauts' three main antagonists, the Butcher is the game's true main antagonist, being responsible for Oleander's insanity. Earl Boen voices him.


The Butcher is the embodiment of Lil' Oly's (Coach Oleander's) father in his mental world. He was a butcher who chopped up Oleander's pet bunnies for their meat, which was so traumatic for Oly that it resulted in his father appearing as a terrifying and bloodthirsty giant butcher in the Meat Circus.


For the first encounter, avoid his attacks by levitating away from him until his cleaver is stuck in the ground. Then, either run up his arm or Psi-Bounce onto his shoulder and punch him in the face. Repeat this process two more times to defeat him.

During the second encounter, the Butcher has allied himself with Raz's mental image of his father and now sports flaming cleavers, making it impossible to run up his arm. Psi-Float away from the butcher until Raz's dad throws flaming spiked pins that will stick in the ground. Pick one up with Telekinesis and throw it at the Butcher's knee and he will topple over. Now punch him in the face. Repeat two more times and he will fall into the meat grinder in the center of the arena.


  • If Clairvoyance is used, the Butcher sees Raz as a piece of meat.
    • Speaking of Clairvoyance, using the same power on the bunnies of Basic Braining will result in the bunnies seeing him as a Butcher, which most likely foreshadows the encounter with the Butcher.


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