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Now THAT'S leadership.

–Truman, about Hollis Forsythe.

Truman Zanotto is the grand head of the Psychonauts and Lili Zanotto's father.


Truman has brown hair, peach skin, and brown eyes. He has a large curly beard, and is balding on top of his head. He has very small hands. He has five fingers on each hand and four on each foot.


Truman is regarded as a respected leader and psychic among the ranks of the Psychonauts. He appears to be a fair-minded and capable leader, as well as a dotting parent to his daughter, although the two aren't always on the best terms due to Lili's rebellious phase. Truman is somewhat protective of Lili, worrying about her kissing boys while at camp.

As a leader, Truman has been shown to have made some very difficult calls, having been forced to fire his own uncle when he proved to be a hazard on missions. He was notably the only member of the Psychonauts who was able to see Nick Johnsmith's true character, suggesting that Truman may be a good judge of character. Lili describes her father as decidedly not-vain, indifferent about his clothes, and apparently had an eccentric vocabulary.


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After Razputin had been officially made a Psychonaut, it is reported that Truman Zanotto, Grand Head of the Psychonauts and Lili's father, had been kidnapped by Dr. Loboto.

Lili and Raz don't hesitate to join Sasha, Milla, and Coach Oleander on a mission to rescue Truman Zanotto. As Ford is unable to teleport such a large amount of people to the Psychonaut Headquarters, they take the camp jet instead.

Psychonauts In the Rhombus of Ruin

The team manages to locate Truman in the Rhombus of Ruin. However, when the camp jet crashes into the ocean, everyone gets temporarily scattered and incapacitated by Psilirium. Raz manages to round everyone up before coming face-to-face with Truman's kidnapper, Dr. Loboto. After Raz enters Loboto's mind and restores his moral compass, the team is able to rescue Truman and escape before the Rhombus of Ruin self-destructs.

When recovered, Truman has a suitcase cuffed to his wrist which he refuses to part with even when unconscious.

Psychonauts 2

Truman spends much of Psychonauts 2 seemingly incapacitated, believed to have been caused by his extended exposure to Psillirium. However, when Raz comes to see him, he reveals that he is merely pretending due to his concerns about the apparent mole, and asks that Raz investigate and restore Ford Cruller's mind, but asks that Raz keeps Lili in the dark to not endanger her.

However, when Raz and Ford attempt to seal away Maligula forever, it is revealed that Truman had been fake, as well as the mole in the Psychonauts, and was actually the brain of Gristol Malik in Truman's body. In actuality, Truman's brain had been trapped inside the suitcase that was recovered from the Rhombus of Ruin, and had been completely unaware of the events of the game.

After Truman's brain is restored into his body, he expresses his wish to take a vacation to recover from having his brain extracted, Hollis shuts him down, stating that she needs time off on her own after having to take on Truman's responsibilities. He is later seen speaking with Lili outside of the Motherlobe, where Truman is being caught up on the events that occurred during his absence.

Psychic Abilities


Lili Zanotto

Lili is Truman's daughter. Although the two love each other very much, they don't always get along due to Truman's overprotective nature and Lili's rebelliousness and apparent apathy towards the Psychonauts in their current diminished state. When Truman is kidnapped and incapacitated, Lili is shown to feel extremely guilty for lashing out to her father, feeling like she's been a terrible daughter. Lili's keen understanding of her father's character proved to be instrumental in discovering the mole in the organization. After Truman is rescued and recovers, the two seem to be on much better terms. Lili however, still won't tell her father about her romantic relationship.

Bob Zanotto

Bob is Truman's uncle. When Bob's alcoholism and depression started to become a hazard during missions, Truman was reluctantly forced to fire him. Bob saw this as an act of betrayal, and their relationship was damaged because of it. Despite this, Truman still sends his uncle pictures of his daughter, suggesting that there's still some contact between the two.

Hollis Forsythe

Hollis is Truman's second in command, or "Lesser/Second Head" at the Psychonauts. Truman recruited Hollis after she caused a mishap in the mind of an abusive doctor at the hospital where she used to work, and the two have since gone on several missions together, at one point facing off against the Noodler. Truman respects Hollis greatly, and sees her as a great leader and potential successor. Hollis on the other hand, isn't interested in leading the Psychonauts just yet, and tries to put off Truman's retirement to prevent having those responsibilities foisted onto her. Hollis takes over Truman's position while Truman is incapacitated.

Sasha Nein

Sasha Nein is Truman's subordinate.

Milla Vodello

Milla Vodello is Truman's subordinate.

Coach Oleander

Coach Oleander is Truman's subordinate.

Ford Cruller

Ford Cruller is Truman's subordinate. Like most Psychonauts, he respects Ford's role in the creation of the organization, but doesn't trust him with much authority due to his damaged mental state.

Razputin Aquato

Razputin Aquato is the boyfriend of Truman's daughter, and while he has not been informed of the fact, there is a possibility that he is aware, as he sees Raz in a prom outfit, as if to take Lili on a date. He has a lot of respect towards Raz, and is grateful towards him for his service as a Psychonaut and for saving him.

Nick Johnsmith

Truman was notably one of the only members of the Psychonauts who disliked the mailroom clerk, seeing him as "obsequious". As it turns out, Nick was the mole, and was actually Gristol Malik, the son of the Gzar of Grulovia, who plotted to reawaken Maligula and destroy the Psychonauts. Gristol had conspired to kidnap Truman and have his brain placed into Truman's body and assume his identity, keeping Truman's brain trapped in a briefcase. For his crimes, Truman has Gristol placed in a psychoisolation chamber.

Dr. Potts

Truman Zanotto had to fix Dr. Potts' broken mind after Hollis demolished it using Mental Connection.



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