Hello everyone! With Psychonauts 2 coming up on the horizon, my desire to polish up this wiki has been revived. I asked one of the admins to give me admin perms and they obliged, so the new theme you see is my doing. Let me know how you feel about it!

That being said, if anyone is still interested in working on this wiki, please let me know! I am doing my best to plan out how the pages should be organized, and unfortunately it seems that the pages will need a lot of proofreading and editing, especially because they do not include cited references. References are an important part of wiki articles in determining the authenticity of information.

So yeah, my goals as of now are to determine a layout for the different page types and more or less execute it, as well as implementing reference sections on every page. If you're reading this, Psychopedia needs you! ^_^

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