You were born with a special gift. But the people around you treat it like a curse. Your mother is afraid of you, and your father looks at you with shame in his eyes. Come to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, and you can show them all. Back home, your powers make you a loner, an outcast, a circus freak. But in this dojo, in this psychic dojo, they make you a hero.

–Written by Coach Oleander, recited by Razputin Aquato

Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp is a remote government training facility where children with psychic abilities are trained to become Psychonauts. The camp sits directly above a large Psitanium deposit by the shores of Lake Oblongata, opposite of Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed. It is the main setting of Psychonauts.

History Edit

The history of Whispering Rock can be read in the center of the Main Campgrounds' parking lot, where it is inscribed into a large tree-log:
Camp map

Map of the camp showing the five main areas: Kids' Cabins (pink), GPC and Wilderness (brown), Boathouse and Beach (orange), Main Campgrounds (green), and the Reception Area (yellow).

  • 500 years ago: Enormous, Psitanium-bearing meteorite strikes the Earth, leaving a giant crater.
  • 200 years ago: Native inhabitants begin making arrowheads out of the Psitanium, which they call by the name 'Whispering Rock'. This is a rough English translation.
  • 100 Years Ago: Prospectors and settlers take over the area, naming their boom town, 'Shaky Claim.'
  • 99 Years Ago: First case of 'Paranormal Hysteria' diagnosed in Shaky Claim.
  • 75 Years Ago: Houston Thorney builds his Home for the Demented to deal with the insanity epidemic.
  • 60 Years Ago: More residents in Asylum than in the town. Houston Thorney commits suicide by leaping from tower.
  • 55 Years Ago: Asylum closes. Last valley residents paid to leave by the federal government, who flood the crater to prevent further habitation. Lake Oblongata is created.
  • 5 Years Ago: Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp founded to nurture and train future Psychonauts.

The timeline also includes an extra note left by Nils Lutefisk:

Function Edit

Described by Sasha Nein as a "remote government training facility", the purpose of the camp is to train young psychics to become psychic secret-agents known as Psychonauts. Under the guise of an ordinary summer camp, the camp staff engage campers to help them develop their psychic abilities.

Camp Residents Edit

Camp Staff Edit

The camp is run by of a group of international secret agents known as the Psychonauts.
Camp leaders

Sasha Nein, Coach Oleander, and Milla Vodello; the three camp counselors featured in Psychonauts.

They are here to guide these young minds to Psychic successes. Their purpose is to help the young campers to unlock, understand, explore and advance their psychic powers, as well as provide a safe haven away from the ridicule and suffering that often comes along with these remarkable abilities. This environment is where these little Psycadets can be free to be themselves and grow. The camp staff featured in Psychonauts are:

Campers Edit

The Campers of Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp come from all over the world. From the USA, Russia, and even outer space!
Whispering Rock Group Photo

Group photo of the campers featured in Psychonauts alongside Ford Cruller.

Each camper is assigned a Psycadet rank depending on their psychic abilities, and complete camp activities in order to develop and hone new powers which are represented by Merit Badges.
The campers shown in Psychonauts are:

Locations Edit

  • Kids' Cabins: The area where the campers go to sleep for the night. There are 3 cabins total for boys and girls. There is an out house for those late night potty brakes as well. Coach Oleander's treehouse office can be found here, right up top the huge tree in the center of this area. Along with the first mental world of the game; Coach Oleander's Basic Braining. This is where our story begins. There is a lot to do here besides sleep so don't forget to take advantage. Early in the morning almost every single camper hangs out here. So it is a delightful place to get to know your fellow Psi Cadets. Also there is lots things to jump, climb and even flip over.
  • Main Campgrounds: The central hub of the camp, which also hosts the Main Lodge and the Parking Lot. The parking lot only has two cars in it, and are presumed to belong to Coach Oleander and Milla Vodello. There is also the big History Tree right in the center of the Parking Lot. It has tons of information on the past of Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp going all the way back to 500 years ago. Other awesome sources of information that can be found here is the bulletin board. It has messages from stuff and campers alike and can help keep a Psi Cadet updated on what's happening around camp. There is a toilet for...well...getting the duty done.
  • Main Lodge: The Main Lodge is right at the heart of Camp and is home to the Camp Store and the TV Room. The Camp Store is a super important part of Whispering Rock. It is where one can buy all kinds of helpful goodies. Such as Dream Fluffs (which give you a health boost while in a mind), Psi Cores (which are the core of Psi Challenge Markers which help one rank up) and so much more! All ya gotta do is talk to Chef Cruller. Plus the TV Room is a wonderful place to relax and catch a show, and at certain times of the day one will catch Vernon telling stories. The Main Lodge is full of tables so if you wanna color feel free. Plus this is the place where a camp band starring campers Phoebe Love and Quentin Hedgemouse practices so go ahead and jam to so tunes while here.
  • GPC and Wilderness: This area consists of the forest outside of camp. The thick wilderness here is full of trees, rocks, old buildings, the stream and paths. This is a wonderful place to look around and explore. Also it's a hot spot for fellow psi cadet interaction The Geodesic Psychoisolation Chambers are here, which are old prison structures used to contain psychics in solitary confinement. They haven't been used since the 50's, but Bobby Zilch sometimes throws other campers inside, and one of the chambers contains the entrance to Sasha Nein's laboratory. The shack belonging to Ford's ranger persona is here. Ranger Cruller will reward you for when you have half and all of the scavenger hunt items.
  • Sasha's Underground Lab: Sasha's lab is underground, hidden below the GPC. This is where Psi Cadets go to see Sasha Nein. It is a black and white lab with a colorful glass square staircase. It is full of boxes,Sasha documents and a few odd machines everywhere. Here, Sasha Nein conducts tests of morally questionable status on the campers which may or may not be authorized. Also this is where the brain tumbler is located. He uses the Brain Tumbler here to send campers into their own minds. This is where Sasha provides his Advance Training, to those who think they are ready.
  • Reception Area: An area which boasts a campfire and a projector. Here is where the campers are lectured. It is the first place we see as well as the first place Raz drops in, and where our adventurer begins. It also hosts more wilderness. With caves, trees, rocks, tunnels, hills, the waterfall and lots of items on the scavenger hunt . Also a lot of animals are here so watch out! Due to the Psitanium the animals are far more dangerous than the ones, at home. They too have been affected by the powerful Psitanium and some have undergone mutation and even have psi powers themselves. So if you see a bear...RUN, or practice what you've learned This is where Janitor Cruller resides. His wit is legendary and so are his mopping skills.
  • Boathouse and Beach: These are located on along the shores of Lake Oblongata. There is a boathouse here, where Ford Cruller's admiral persona is. It was made by using scraps of an old pirate ship. Raz can take a canoe and get over to where Milla Vodello is teaching class, and use the bathysphere to go underwater (only once, as the bathysphere becomes stuck underwater). Also there are lot of docks along the lake. This place has lots of sandy hills and valleys to explore. Quite a lot of fish can also be found a shore. Also Don't miss the Bulletin Board full to the brim with every bit of hot news around camp and information on what to do next. Here, the player can also use the Lungfish Call to call Linda and ride to Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed.
  • Ford's Sanctuary: This is basically the hidden Head Quarters of Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. It is where we find Ford Cruller at any time day or night. He becomes Raz's mentor and his true Psychonaut self when he is down here. He has lots of helpful information, and one may ask him any thing they like. Also so very important tools are here. The Cobweb Detangler can weave Mental Cobwebs into psi cards. As well as the Psi Challenge Marker machine, when one puts 12 Psi Cards and 1 Psi Core it equals a whole new Psi Cadet Rank.

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